Why Survival Mode Is Ok (and How It’s Working Out For Me)

Why Survival Mode is Ok | A Simple Haven via Day2Day Joys

Survival mode. It doesn’t sound particularly enticing, does it?

It seems to be the antithesis of living intentionally, toward your goals and in line with your values. It sounds like just getting by. And who wants to do that? Not me.

And yet, survival mode is where I find myself.

In a season of being newly pregnant and feeling yuck, with my husband in summer school and working longer hours + traveling more than usual, I am just trying to keep everyone alive here, folks.

Because this is my third pregnancy, I know a little about what to expect. For me, the nausea and exhaustion eventually subsides. Before too long, summer classes will be over and Hubs’s travel will slow down a bit.

Thankfully, there is an end in sight. But until then, I am lowering my expectations of myself, reassessing what’s necessary, and giving myself permission to just get by for now.

In fact, that’s how I’m going to define survival mode: Adjusting expectations and doing only what’s necessary for myself and my family amidst a challenging season.

As a recovering perfectionist, here’s what’s helped me be ok with that.

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