A Guilt-free Alternative to Throwing Away Old Christmas Cards

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s I pack up the final remnants of yultide cheer, Christmas cards tend to be the last to be dealt with.

For years, I would deliberate over what to do with these prized tokens of the season. If I always kept them all, I’d end up with a Mt. Vesuvius of stationary; but, simply throwing them away seems contrary to the Christmas spirit.

Last year, thanks to our toddler and the way she lovingly mutilated our Christmas cards, I found the perfect solution.

I would spread Christmas cheer throughout the year–and help Bun learn the names and faces of our loved ones–by making a small photo album with the pics.

I took an empty album I had on hand, cut out the pictures from the cards, and dropped them in the sleeves. Done.




*Use an album you won’t mind being roughed up a bit. Unless your kids aren’t prone to chewing, throwing, or generally leaving a trail of drool wherever they go.

*Taping the sleeves closed might be wise if you want to avoid Grandpa being chewed to bits by a curious baby brother.

*Keep it accessible! The fact that it’s mixed in with the other books on Bun’s bookshelf is what makes it such a frequently grabbed item.

*Use it as a learning tool–talk about how people are related, where they live, what pets they have, etc.

*If you don’t have littles ones to speak of, put the pictures in a nice looking album and keep it on the coffee table to pick up throughout the year. Or, keep it at your bedside and let it serve as a reminder to send notes/texts of encouragement or to pray for loved ones.

What do you do with old Christmas cards?

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Jenn is a mommy of three and wife to her best friend. She enjoys good books, dinner guests, elevenses, and proper apostrophe use.

  • THAT is cool. I will send this to my sister in law.

    • Great! Thanks 🙂

  • Gigi

    What a clever idea! Even though I live in a largely “adult” world, this gives me a meaningful way to house those stacks of Christmas cards I just can’t throw away.

  • Casie

    That is a cute idea! We did somethingbbsit kind of similar in that we hole punched a hole in the top of each card and placed them all on a circular ring holder. Its a “coffee table” flip book for the kids. So far it has keptb in goos shape but it is only Jan!

    • That’s a fun idea, too! My sis in law did that as well. 🙂