What I’m Hoping For in Relationships

Hoping for in Relationships | A Simple Haven

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If boldness in relationships is acting in hope despite fears, that begs the question, “hoping for what?”

My guess is this will look different for each of us.

What I’m Hoping For

Me, I’m hoping for honest, authentic relationships, where I know the other person and am truly known. Where forgiveness is asked for and received and burdens and joys are shared.

A tall order? Maybe. None of us is perfect, all of us will disappoint and be disappointed.

But again, I’m hoping for this. Not expecting it.

Hoping looks like working toward these things as far as they depend on me: by the grace of God, trying to be the kind of friend that I want in my life.

Taking initiative, sharing my heart, making time in my schedule, asking questions, serving in practical ways, admitting when I’m wrong.

Not always easy stuff. But again, by the grace of God.

Will I be this intentional with every person in my life? No.

There are varying levels of intimacy in relationships. I doubt it would be helpful or wise to take as much initiative or share as openly with everyone in my life.

But these are the things that I hope characterize my close friendships.

What do you hope characterizes your relationships? And do you have any thoughts about hopes vs. expectations?

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Jenn is a mommy of three and wife to her best friend. She enjoys good books, dinner guests, elevenses, and proper apostrophe use.

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  • emmillerwrites

    “There are varying levels of intimacy in relationships.” <– I'm so glad you pointed this out. This is one thing it took me a long time to learn, and it's something I still find myself reminding friends about when they're hurt because others don't reciprocate in their relationships they way they expect them to.

    • Yeah totally. And I’ve also had to learn to surrender expectations of where relationships will go–people who I thought would be BFFs aren’t necessarily and others who I didn’t think I’d connect with end up being dear friends for years.