What I Learned This March

What I Learned in March | A Simple Haven

On March 25th, I awoke to cornfields covered in snow and a windchill of 6.  That’s about par for the course this year, folks. Like the time my son cried for about five hours straight in a hotel room, it’s gotten so bad it’s funny.

Unrelenting polar vortex aside, March has been full of loveliness and lessons learned.

What I Learned This March

1.)  Kids don’t really need bathing suits at the beach.

My husband may still disagree on this point, but they looked pretty happy to me.


2.)  I think I could connect every British period film ever made using two actors from each movie.

(Ex: Penelope Wilton + Tom Hollander in Pride and Prejudice → Tom Hollander + Michael Gambon in Wives and Daughters → Michael Gambon + Romola Garai in Emma → Romola Garai + Hugh Bonneville in Daniel Deronda → Hugh Bonneville + Brendan Coyle in Downton Abbey → Brendan Coyle + Anna Maxwell Martin in North and South….etc.)

3.)  I’m willing to spend more time connecting British period films than I would have imagined.

4.)  Blog to real life friends are the best.

Ok, I already knew that.  But really, it just keeps getting more fun. Meeting Breanne took me to Nova Scotia and PEI last October. This month, I had a lovely lunch—albeit punctuated by my toddler’s yelping—with Jacey in Charleston.

5.)  The Harry Potter books really are that great.

I finished the last two in about three days. For a mother of small children, that’s a feat. That’s also potentially neglect.

Goblet of Fire

6.)  The Kindle lending library (via Amazon Prime) is like magic. 

Free books in seconds. See #5.

7.)  Boldness is scary but fun.

Bold is my One Word for 2014; so far it’s involved planning a two-week family road trip to Canada, telling people we’re “trying” for baby #3, and making a couple big asks.

I suppose boldness is also relative–these feel big to me, but maybe not the next person.  That’s ok.  For me, risky is going on an overnight trip without a pack-n-play.

8.) These shoes make me as happy as I thought they would.  It’s the red.

red clogs

9.)  I should always build in recovery time from family “vacations.”

What lessons has March brought you? Clearly, nothing is too trivial to share :).

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P.S. You may have noticed an addition to the sidebar. 🙂 More on that next week, pending the completion of a hosting switch (which has been the cause of the silence here!)

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Jenn is a mommy of three and wife to her best friend. She enjoys good books, dinner guests, elevenses, and proper apostrophe use.

  • I discovered Amazon Prime the end of this year and have had great fun reading the free books. Visiting from Chatting at the Sky today. Happy weekend!

  • Those shoes are ridiculous cute! We’re planning a three week roadtrip that involves most of the east coast, 9 camping trips and at least two amusement parks – so I’m with you on the crazy, bold, stress inducement of road trips!

    • Thanks, Jennifer! And three weeks?! 9 camping trips!? That is amazing. Keep me posted :).

  • Ohhh, how we love the Harry Potter books! Our 8 year old has just read the first two books, but we are slowing him down on the rest—forcing him to wait before reading anymore. They get dark quickly!!! Love your word “bold.” Mine is “brave.” Here’s to being bold and brave!

  • All neglect is forgiven in the wake of Harry Potter. I reread those books every year – they are just too magical to put away for very long.

    I clicked over from Emily’s today – thank you for sharing what you learned!

    • Ha, I hope my kids see it that way! 😉 In any case, I’m done now. But I can see why folks re-read them!

  • Three books in two days is a feat. I’m impressed and bummed that we don’t get Amazon Prime up here.
    And totally agree with number 4, such a gift!
    Love those shoes and the picture of Bun, so darling.

    • It is super handy, especially around the holidays. Maybe they’ll expand up north before too long?
      xo to you friend!

  • Lisa

    IMPRESSED that a toddler mom tries to read much less finishes 2 books {good for you}.

  • I have long believed in the power of red shoes to turn a day around! Those are adorable! And now I’m feeling the need to go re-watch all those British period films 🙂 Your game would be perfect for road trips!