What I Learned in March


n an effort to sharpen my mommy-brain (or perhaps to simply reveal it), I am following Emily’s lead and curating March’s monthly learnings here.

In no particular order of importance or genre, here they are.

Eleven Things I Learned in March

1.) I am not alone in my crusade against the rampant overuse of the apostrophe; many of you are with me. I am now more hopeful about launching a t-shirt line to combat the plague. (I jest, but only kind of).

2.) The 2009 BBC version of Emma is fantastic. Three out of four family members at my house concur. The fourth abstains. Michael Gambon (aka Professor Dumbledore) plays Mr. Woodhouse and gets the best lines.

3.) You can cure mastitis with raw potato and lots of garlic. However, your natural remedies may illicit slightly snarky comments from your husband like, “oh, just go slap some ham on yourself.” Potato, Hubs, it’s potato.

4.) I use the word curate more than I probably should.

5.) The Vitamix cannot be overrated. And is found at Costco for less than anywhere else, just FYI.

6.) If I can’t find my 15 month old son, I should check the dishwasher or closest toilet.

7.) James Herriot’s books are wonderful. And my toddler will listen to me read them aloud if given many, many cups of water to play with whilst doing so.

8.) Elana’s Pantry is a cornucopia of grain-free delight.  But, I don’t know how to make our grocery budget work without grains. Yet.

9.) A road trip with babies is made much more comfortable by a larger vehicle.  (We got a new car and it is fantastic.  I, who have embraced hermitude since the winter began, am actually finding excuses to pack up the babies and drive it around).

10.) After living in the Midwest for a year, I now can’t imagine living anywhere that doesn’t have four distinct seasons. Sorry, Texas. It’s literally the only thing Illinois has on you.

Corduroy Snowman, created and named by the Bun circa March 6
Corduroy Snowman, created and named by the Bun circa March 6

11.) March can be colder & snowier than February. Who knew? I’ll take spring now, please.

What did you learn in March? You may share “one thing very clever…two things moderately clever, or three things very dull indeed.”

Actually, you may share as much as you like, on any topic and any level of significance. 🙂

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Jenn is a mommy of three and wife to her best friend. She enjoys good books, dinner guests, elevenses, and proper apostrophe use.

  • Jen Hill

    I’m laughing because I totally agree about Texas and Illinois. I said that for years as I wandered the country…leaving behind my homeland of the Land of Lincoln. I especially missed the Illinois fall.

    I will say that I struggled a bit with envy as all my Texas friends posted their “going to the park” pictures and as they wore their flip flops on sunny North Texas days these last few months. The Illinois winter drags on for me just like it did as a kid.

    You can’t have it all I guess. I’d like to transport the warm winter days of Texas and the Village Church here. Oh, and maybe Sprouts, Central Market, Eatzi’s, and all that shopping.


    • Amen on The Village and Eatzi’s. And I would love some Tex-Mex. Or just Mex.

  • I love the Emma quote!! =)

    Spring may come anytime here too. =) It’s been flirting with us but there are some crocuses out so I’m hopeful it will stay.

    • Yes, here too! It snowed more in March than the rest of the winter months combined!

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