Welcome to My (Wonky) Blog

Hello there. If this is your first time to A Simple Haven, please rest assured that things don’t usually look this bad. Or work this poorly.

Really. As of a few days ago, things were lovely here, all pretty and customized and functional.

And then a freak trifecta of hosting switches, old WordPress themes, and PHP version misalignments slammed into my happy little online home.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry. I barely know what I’m talking about.

In plain English, my pretty blog home is broken. So for the foreseeable (unknowable? indeterminate?) future, things here will be a bit wonky.

I’m working my tail off to fix it–and have found some kind folks to help.

But in the meantime, I’ve learned a few valuable things:

1.) I like blogging. A lot.

2.) And I like you, reader who leaves comments. And you, reader who doesn’t (really, it’s ok). And I like you, fellow blogger.

3.) When my blog was down for a few days, I felt the loss more than I expected. I love to write and I love the relationships that have developed around this little online home.

4.) But if I’m calling ASH my online home and you’re my guests, then maybe I shouldn’t apologize for the wonkiness after all.

5.) After all, I preach all kinds of real, simple hospitality, the kind that doesn’t apologize for messes and the sea of Megabloks and leftovers given to unexpected lunch guests. What would that look like online?

6.) I think it might look like me continuing to write and invite you into A Simple Haven despite everything not looking as I’d like. Or working as I’d like.

7.) Because if Myquillan can have house guests without a kitchen or Emily can host a family of four for eight months (more on that soon, I hope!), or I can host a friend for the weekend amidst unstable cats…then I can certainly invite you into my wonky blog. Right?

8.) Nothing like being given a fantastic opportunity to practice what I preach.

So, please, do come in. Grab a mug of something hot and pull up a chair. You are so very welcome here.


About Jenn

Jenn is a mommy of three and wife to her best friend. She enjoys good books, dinner guests, elevenses, and proper apostrophe use.

  • Andrea

    Thanks for inviting us in even if it’s messy. Most of us don’t mind the mess and really want the invitation. Here’s hoping you get things figured out ASAP!

  • Christy Staats

    I love you! I will hang out with you in your wonky blog or pretty blog! For your sake (and all the work you have put into it) I hope it is pretty and restored again soon! But I am glad you are learning to practice what you preach through this disaster. Love you lots! Proud of you in your writing journey.

  • I actually don’t notice much wrong with it? Kind of like real house guests, I suppose. We never notice the mess as much as the hostess!

  • Nothing like technical difficulties to bring on a whole new level of stress! But I love your words and the message your share so the wonky blog doesn’t bug me in the least bit! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, Victoria. I’m thankful for how gracious and encouraging fellow bloggers have been in the midst of my technical woes. Love that community is possible here online. πŸ™‚

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