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Happy weekend!

If you’re new to ASH, we’re in the midst of series called Loving and Sharing the Home You Have.  To celebrate the release of my new (FREE!) eBook, we’re taking a peak into the (imperfect) homes and lives of some fabulous women from around the web.

So far, we’ve heard about Anne’s one bathroom for six people, Brittney’s ups and downs renting in the English countryside, and Kimberly’s journey toward creating a home that tells a story.

Next week, we’ll talk less about loving our homes and more about sharing them. Hospitality is a subject dear to my heart, so I’m excited to share stories of hosting in tiny spaces, amidst imperfection, and long-term guests.

But for now, I leave you with a few good reads from other folks’ online homes. Hope you enjoy–and see you next week!

Weekend Reads

This is Sometimes More Important Than Praying by Tsh Oxenrider @ Storyline :: Such a good reminder about the need for self-care and the power of meeting others’ felt needs.

Every Mum Can Have a Getaway {How and Why to Build Margin at Home} by Breanne @ This Vintage Moment :: I’m such an advocate for the personal retreat, even if it’s just a few hours at a coffee shop.

Because Sharing the Imperfect is Worth the Risk by The Nester :: This pretty much sums up why her blog was the first I ever read consistently. And her book came out this week!!! It’s fabulous.

It’s May! (A beautiful free calendar for your desktop/iphone, etc.) by Oana Befort :: Oh my. Her art is some of my favorite ever.

And Sandra from The Art of Domesticity graciously hosted me this week. I went on and on about real, simple hospitality. As per usual.

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