Weekend Musings: Por el Amor de los Gatitos


f we’re going to get to know each other, you might as well meet the members of my family not shown here–my (our? well, the unwritten rule is that they’re “ours” until they do things that need to be cleaned up…then they’re “mine”) kitties.

Meet Oz and Morris. They’re brothers. Here are their stories and bios.

We bought them from a shelter back in ’06; they were buy-one-get-one free. My friend Rhonda is the cat expert and said two is better than one because one can get neurotic all by itself. So Hubs caved and we got two.

However, I promise you that after the initial purchase there was nothing “get one free” about these cats. Nothing about the second set of shots, food, vet bills, pet deposit, pet-rent, or medicine for chronic illnesses was free.

I’m not sure the neurosis was limited by having 2, either.  I’m actually pretty sure that (especially when they were sick and wreaking havoc while we were trying to sell our house) the neurosis was all mine.


When we got them, I prayed that God would use them to teach me things and to bless people.

But, after months of wiping kitty noses (they had nasal issues), cleaning up kitty messes, buying kitty medicine, attempting to train them not to scratch everything in sight (good luck, people), feeling like I was living in a lucha libre ring for cats, and trying to hide their destruction from a not-too-happy-that-we-have-two-cats husband, I was was definitely not counting these cats when I counted my blessings.

Not to mention I wasn’t learning much about anything besides feline respiratory problems. (Ok, you want to know what the vet diagnosed it as? Feline Herpes. That’s right. After a while, Hubs made me stop using the real diagnosis in conversations).

However, over time, they got healthy and calmed down. I learned more about trusting God in all things and that He really does care about the details of our lives. They grew on Hubs. And, in my opinion, they do bless people. Some people, anyway.

Oz looks like he just polished something off, huh? Well, there was that time there was a gecko in the bathroom and I didn't know what to do, so I just threw the kittens in there and closed the door. 30 min later, not one shred of gecko.
Oz kinda looks like he just polished something off, huh? Well, there was that time I found a gecko in the bathroom and didn’t know what to do, so I just threw the kittens in there and closed the door. 30 min later, not one shred of gecko.

Meet Oz.

(Oh, and did I mention that they have a variety of culturally-specific nicknames? You can thank a bored summer-break-from-teaching morning for that one).

Aliases: O.Z. (rapstar), Oz (said with a Spanishy accent- “Oh-s”), Ozinsky (Russian), Ozikiah (Jewish)

Favorite Activities: Running amok, sneak-attacking, doing sweet lucha libre moves, trying to bust outta this joint, dreaming about all the birds/squirrels/mice/bugs he could get his paws on if he could just bust outta here, meowing until he gets what he wants, proving the extent of the Fall through his blatant disobedience, plotting insurrections, looking deceptively precious while he sleeps

Dislikes: The paper shredder (think Zoolander “must kill the prime minister of Malaysia” -type reactions), authority

Memorable moments: Attacking Hubs after he was careless enough to use the paper shredder in his presence, making Hubs look like he got attacked by a pit-bull, sending Hubs to urgent care after his wounds got infected, being healed of his chronic nose problems via hands-on prayer (hey, don’t knock it till you try it)


This is Morris. Basically the sweetest cat alive. He sits placidly as our children pull out chunks of his fur and crawl all over him.

When I taught high school, my students said he looks Asian in this picture. Actually they said, “Ay, Miss, su gatito es Chino!” Not because I had a picture of my cat on my desk or anything.

Aliases: Mo’Iss (rapstar), Morris (pronounced Spanishy- “Morrrees!”), Moesky Potosky (Russian); Moses (Jewish)

Favorite Activities: eating cat food, eating human food, wishing his cat food was human food, dumpster diving for leftover Chinese takeout, seeing how fast he can break into the food bag before it’s put away, licking Hubs’s head, letting his brother use him as a pillow, welcoming company by trying to lick their heads

Dislikes: When the food runs out, discussion of leashes/treadmills/workout regimens

So, there you go-our kitties, for better or worse. I’ve found that people tend to have strong feelings about cats, one way or the other.

How about you? Kitty fan or foe?

Exhausted from all of their labor, after one of our 11 moves. Notice how Morris takes over Ryan's pillow. That's because Ryan lets him do whatever he wants. Don't let him fool you. He loves these cats.
Exhausted from all of their labor, after one of our 11 moves. Notice how Morris takes over the Hubs’s pillow. That’s because Hubs lets him do whatever he wants. Don’t let him fool you. He loves these cats.

P.S. The title of this post is in honor of a quote from one of my former students. The ’07-’08 freshman were all about the kitties…and my marachi-esque kitty song. Yeah, you’ll probably never hear that one live.

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  • Brenda V.

    Your Momma is the biggest fan ever of cats. I have always had a Tigger in my life and right now the current one will be 18 in April. I love Mo & Oz and can’t wait to see them real soon. Cats bring a very different climate to a home, their personalities can be very different (as w/ Oz & Mo)but they are always entertaining, playful and fun for the kids to be around. Now, your next challenge in life will be to consider a DOG, that’s right…….. get the right one, train it correctly and that dog will be your companion/pal/buddy for ever. It’s a big committment but worth every minute you spend with him/her. Keep me posted!

  • Love. And love your kitties. One of them slept with me when I was staying at your house but I don’t think I ever learned which name belonged to which cat. 🙂

  • Christina

    Jenn, these pics do not do justice to the size of your felines! I thought the camera added weight?!? Seems to have had the opposite effect on these two. 😉

    • To be fair, most of these pics are from a few years ago, pre-morbid-obesity. 🙂

  • Tready

    I am laughing so hard, I’m crying …ugly crying. So awesome.