Friday Musings: I Spy…a Reformed Kleptomaniac?

his week, I bring you the final installment of “I spy month.” As before, I captured this scene on camera, yet am puzzled by its contents.

Here’s what I’ve got:


Location: Oz Park, Chicago.

Characters Present: Small group of twenty-something women, most likely from surrounding Lincoln Park neighborhood, possibly including a bride-to-be, expectant mother, and/or recent parolee…plus middle-aged officer-looking woman

Clues: Circle formation indicates support-group style gathering, but pink balloons suggest a celebratory mood. Presence and stance of officer implies her supervision and/or protection of those present.

Possible Conclusions: Pregnant, recently engaged yuppie has just been released from a short stint at Cook County jail and is renouncing her kleptomaniac ways.

Her dear friends, who all sent cupcakes from Sweet Mandy B’s and lovely notes on Kate Spade stationary during her incarceration for shoplifting and the mild assault of a clerk at Nordstrom’s (who confronted her during one of her “shopping” sprees), are throwing her a shower to celebrate her baby, parole, and completion of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University–because, really, what better way to say rehabilitated and debt-free than with punch and trifle?

The guest of honor’s parole officer, whom she has come to regard as somewhat of a mother figure after late night chats about natural birth and blended families, is present in a supportive role and to prevent any violence that may erupt between her charge and one of the guests, who is, shockingly, both the groom’s ex-wife and the Nordstrom’s assault victim.

What do you spy?

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  • That is one interesting picture that’s for sure!

  • Tiffany

    This is absolutely hilarious!

  • That was hilarious. And of course I can’t see anything else but what you described. =)