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Hi friends!

As birthday princess week draws to a close (yes, I just said that, and yes, I’m dead serious), I find myself thankful for my sweet mom’s visit, Bun’s numerous birthday “telegrams” (perhaps the only person in America still sending telegrams?), the bouquet of flowers from Hubs, and Defense Driving .com’s annual birthday greetings.

Totally kidding on the last one. Who wants to be reminded of the time and money they spent on DD, let alone the reason why they were doing DD in the first place?

But I digress.

Hosting company, birthday festivities, and life as a pregnant mom of littles has left the blog a little quiet lately, so I wanted to say hello and share some good finds from around the web.

PS, on the pregnancy note, woah do I feel pregnant. I’ve never been one of those women who’s all, “just get this kid out!” come third trimester, but I very well could be this time. Magical pregnancy cream/tea/discomfort-management suggestions are very welcome. 

Also taking baby boy name suggestions (we’re just that desperate).

Weekend Links to Inspire and Delight

What Progress Really Looks Like :: The Nesting Place

Oh, Myquillan, how I love you and your imperfection-celebrating ways. Plus, isn’t it just the truth that house stuff always looks worse before it looks better?

So What if This Doesn’t Work? :: Modern Mrs. Darcy

I love this post because it reflects a little of my One Word 2014: Bold. So what if something doesn’t work (or work perfectly)? It’s worth a try and the results might surprise you.

My Facebook Investigations :: Thoroughly Alive

Sarah Clarkson puts words to my web of thoughts about FB lately. I love what it makes possible, I hate what it can foster in my heart and mind. Right now, I find it doing more good than harm as long as I can maintain some boundaries. But I so appreciate Sarah’s thoughts on the matter.

Oh, Hi September [A Free September Calendar for your computer/device!] :: Oana Befort

Oana’s calendars have become a little gift to begin each month with. Her work is just lovely and she seems so too.

Bonus: This Pillow. Raise your hand if, like me, you are snort-laughing at it or are tempted to buy it for a friend. And I say friend and not myself because I doubt Hubs would be as amused as I. I’m also tempted by the Tom Selleck mug.





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