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What People Are Saying:

“The encouragement you need, right where you are. Jenn is a kindred spirit, fellow imperfectionist and gives great hope for the weary homemaker.”

–Myquillyn Smith, author of The Nesting Place and blogger at The Nesting Place

“When you combine what you know about Jenn from her charming blog with her history of moving 11 times in 8 years, you know she knows what she’s talking about–and can help even the most design-challenged among us (like, say, ME) to look fondly on our own homes now. This short guide is packed with inspiration, practical advice, and resources for digging deeper.”

–Anne Bogel, author of How She Does It and blogger at Modern Mrs. Darcy

“The Homemaker’s Manifesto is like a conversation with a good friend who asks probing questions, gives needed encouragement and then helps you take action. As one who has moved a lot, I appreciate the realness of her story and encouragement to share our homes, however small they are. I can light some candles, sweep the floor and make tea. I can’t keep a perfect home but I can share my imperfect home and Jenn’s words help me do that.”

–Breanne of This Vintage Moment

“If you’ve ever wished your home was bigger, cleaner, cuter, in a different neighborhood, or a different state, The Homemaker’s Manifesto is a must read. Wherever you are, Jenn can relate: she’s lived in 11 different homes in 10 years! Her story and wise, heartening encouragement will help you both embrace and improve that most important place you call home.”

–Jacey of The Balanced Wife

What is The Homemaker’s Manifesto?

The Homemaker’s Manifesto is a call to embrace the home you have.  To decide that even with its imperfections, it is home and it can be good. To choose gratitude for what you have and either change or overlook what you don’t like.

It’s full of simple, practical tips for sprucing up your space and inviting people in.  And encouragement to seek beauty in your ‘hood.

Maybe you’ll be in your home for ten more months, maybe ten years.

But whenever you leave, I hope you’ll look back on a well-loved home that was filled with family, friends, and neighbors. And beauty and joy.

The Homemaker’s Manifesto was written with that hope in mind.

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