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I don’t do obvious themes at parties. Or much decor.

Call me a party minimalist, HSP (most pre-made/Disney character/super-flashy themes visually overwhelm me), or just picky, but the closest I ever come to a theme is a color scheme.

Or something made up like “a woodsy-winter theme” or “a spring-garden-tea-party-with-pinata.”

Bun’s first birthday had no apparent theme besides pink, green, and scraps of fabric. For other gatherings, my go-to decor item is mason jars filled with flowers, candles, bits of nature–and maybe trimmed with a scrap of burlap.

Apparently, scraps of fabric is my thing.

This year for Bun’s fourth birthday, Grammie was in town, so I utilized the extra hands and did more decor than usual.

While I can’t recommend making paper medallions to anyone seeking a fun and relaxing afternoon, the fabric scrap garland was easy, inexpensive, and ended up fluffy and pretty.

Scrap Fabric Garland

:: Materials ::

  • Twine
  • Scraps of different fabrics
  • Ribbon, if desired
  • Scissors
  • A favorite beverage

:: How To ::

1.) Cut/tear (I prefer cutting a little, then tearing the rest, to give a nice raw edge) the fabric into 6-8″ strips, about 1-2″ wide. You’ll want a good sized pile of each type of fabric. I used about six different prints, plus some bits of burlap and ribbon.

fabric garland2

fabric garland3

2.) Cut a piece of twine to the desired length. Mine was about 5 feet long.

3.) Knot the scraps of fabric onto the twine, alternating types of fabric as you go. Tie in some shiny or sparkly ribbon every now and then for some added texture. Be sure to leave several inches of twine free of fabric on each end so you can tie it up.

fabric garland1

4.) Sip favorite beverage. Possibly turn on a BBC show.

5.) Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the garland is complete. (This thing isn’t hard, but it can take a little while).

fabric garland.13

fabric garland.11

Do you have celebration decor go-tos?

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  • brenda venable

    Gotta admit the fabric garland has it way above the paper medallions, but where’s the challenge there? I’d like to see a tutorial on making paper medallions, wow was that ever time consuming, frustrating and so glad when it was done, right? But, I’d do it again w/ you any time.

  • That is adorable! I think even the non-crafty side of me could pull that off and make a fun, special birthday tradition to enjoy for years to come!

    • Yes, totally! The super practical side of me was like, “should I make this thing gender-neutral so I can use it for both kids’ furture parties?” 🙂

  • My go to is a paper garland. =) Same basic idea as yours, just triangles of scrap paper. And I’m with you on the whole HSP thing and decor- too much, most of the time. =)