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Simple Thankfulness Tree | A Simple Haven

In light of baby #3’s upcoming arrival, I’ve been planning for Christmas since mid-September–and now I’m nearly through with all of my shopping. Thanksgiving preparations, however, are a different matter.

Thankfully (pun intended…groan), as we were graciously invited to join in some friends’ Thanksgiving in Chicago, my responsibilities are minimal: make an apple pie. And maybe a side.

In the weeks preceding Turkey Day, I also wanted to be cultivating an atmosphere of gratitude in my home. I had plans of checking out books about the Pilgrims and fashioning some sort of gratitude tree out of craft paper and paint.


But come mid-November, I’m still in the library’s reserve queue (apparently everyone else had the Pilgrim idea) and I’m giving up on painting a tree on my pantry door.

Instead, I hopped over to Jones Design Company, downloaded some “thankful” tags, and dug out a branch I’d used in Easter decor. It was already stuck in a pot and ready to go. With fake moss and a large rock (?)


Voilà. A Thankful Tree.


I printed the tags on watercolor paper and grabbed a gold sharpie for everyone to pen their blessings with. Then I remembered that I have a two and four year old and put the sharpie away.

So with a blunt blue colored pencil in her four year old scrawl, Bun wrote that she was thankful for her brother, our new baby, and her new bike. And Christmas.

Buckaroo said he was thankful for Julia and Daddy. (Gratitude for Mommy is assumed, right?)


And after pondering briefly, gratitude welled up in me for three years of Hubs in grad school nearly over, a beautiful fall, and grace upon grace throughout this pregnancy and especially this semester.

I hung up the tags, more aware than before of the richness of our little life together. And that a holiday project need not be an elaborate affair to be meaningful.

PS, If you’re looking to do something similar and are lacking random Easter decor, try a large branch stuck in some floral foam in a small flower pot or a group of sticks in a vase or jar (I love this one).

What are you thankful for right now?




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Jenn is a mommy of three and wife to her best friend. She enjoys good books, dinner guests, elevenses, and proper apostrophe use.

  • brenda v.

    I am thankful that the bears are now in hibernation so that I can hang my 2 bird feeders back outside and enjoy all the little birds feeding on the sunflower seeds. But, more important, I am thankful for my family, and great big dog. Enjoy the winter time wherever you live, burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  • Clare Tea

    That’s so sweet.. I like the idea of writing down all the things we’re thankful for and displaying it somehow. Would look even prettier with a little gold foil paint! good luck with the baby : )

    • ooh, gold foil paint, I like it! On the tree, right?

      • Clare Tea

        Yes! Perhaps if you had a thicker branch, in polka dots. Or just dip dyed. or a gradient of stripes… dip dye at the tips and then the stripes get thinner and thinner until there are none at the trunk. I’m all about gold foil paint these days…

  • Sarah

    This is such a great idea. I LOVE your tree.