Simple Pleasures: Enjoyment Without Entitlement

midst the daily whirlwind of potty accidents, snot, rescues of daredevil babies (he keeps trying to do pull ups on the glass table so he can gnaw on the edge–seriously?), and the treadmill that is trying to keep tummies of all sizes full, I find it nice–necessary?–to take a short reprieve to enjoy some simple pleasures.

This brief respite generally comes at the beginning of nap time, just after coaxing my little ones into needed slumber and just before leaving a permanent red mark on my forehead from repeatedly slapping it exasperation.

It involves changing the ever playing Pandora to a station appropriate for my mood (today, John Coltrane; yesterday, Gipsy Kings), pouring a glass of chai with coconut milk into my favorite cup (Bilbo Baggins pint glass from the Green Dragon Pub in Alexandria, VA) and putting a treat of some sort on an actual plate with actual silverware and using an actual cloth napkin.

Sometimes the refinement of my place setting is an amusing contrast to the clothes I realize I’ve been wearing for two+ days, but no matter.

I find a cozy corner, maybe light a candle, pull out a book or magazine or encouraging blog (today, the original Peter Pan by John Barrie–which, by the way, is hilarious), sip my chai, exhale, and enjoy a bit of quietude.

While I wish this happened every day, it doesn’t. The babies fight naps, the laundry erupts, or there’s just one too many tasks to accomplish.

But, I do know that if I can carve out even a few minutes of mommy time, everyone is happier for it.

The trick, I think, is to be intentional about carving out this time without feeling entitled to it. Because a sense of entitlement, I’ve found, leads to a whole host of ickiness when I don’t get whatever it is I think I’m owed. And, truly, what am I entitled to anyway?

So, I’m raising my Bilbo Baggins glass to quiet moments that refresh the soul. And enjoyment sans entitlement.

What simple pleasures do you enjoy?

About Jenn

Jenn is a mommy of three and wife to her best friend. She enjoys good books, dinner guests, elevenses, and proper apostrophe use.

  • Brenda V.

    Sounds like you’re trying to figure it all out and doing a pretty good job too. Carving out some ‘me’ time in any given day is sometimes difficult for a young growing family. Being a mom is certainly a full time job, 24/7/365 and it really never stops. It may slow down when the children are in school, but then there will be all those extra activities that find their way into your life. Can I use the word ’embrace’ this time in your life, for it will change from year to year. Look where you were last year, and now you’re celebrating your #1 son’s 1st BD. Pretty amazing. And really, Jenn, you are doing an amazing job of raising Julia & Rowan. Never stop, never give up, push forward and get the job done……….. your devoted Mother.

  • Allison

    The elusive mommy time. Your piece reminds me of something I try to do to some degree each day but alas, I fail miserably. By the time I stop all the things on by to do list, I’m too tired to make it 5 pages in a book. You are right that its important to carve out time for ourselves, and I prefer to look at it as necessary to being the best balanced mommy we can be. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and to not only connect with yourself and your surroundings, but to recharge in order to cherish all the precious moments with our little ones.
    Good luck with your blog. You are a wonderful mother and I’m proud to call you family.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Alli.

  • I particularly like the “without entitlement” part of this because how easy is it for us to think that we are entitled.. and it creates expectations that damage so much and an attitude that is not attractive!

  • Christy-yes! I think that was the elusive part for me for a while. I realized I was feeling entitled when I would throw fits (silent or otherwise :)) when i didn’t get my “me” time. As if any of it is “mine” anyway. Yet, it’s healthy to take care of our souls…a balance for sure.

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