Simple, Peaceful Christmas…Decor

Xmas at Home '1327

In an effort to keep my family’s Christmas season simple and peaceful and to avoid cluttering up my heart, I’ve said no to a few things this year:

No trying to do every single activity that would make this Christmas amazing for my kids, no (more) fussing at my daughter about clustering all her favorite ornaments on the same branch, no more of whatever project that is starting to make me feel a little crazy.

But a purposeful “yes” to other things.

I said “Yes” to:

The same holiday decor I dug out last year: a burlap wreath, handmade stockings, and odds and ends collected over the years.  Supplemented by new additions my mom sent.


StockingsXmas at Home '1326


Ornaments collected from all over the world.


A few new favorites: handmade snow globes reminiscent of Narnia, our nativity scene made (and purchased) in Bethlehem, and the train that Hubs likes as much or more than the children.

Snow globe

Xmas at Home '1302

Xmas at Home '1318

Xmas at Home '1317

Making my first evergreen wreath.  And yes to tromping around friends’ property with my kids in search of evergreen branches for said wreaths and to make up for the pine smell our tree lacks.

Xmas at Home '1306



Finally getting out all of the components of the Christmas village my mom hand-painted (including all the little trees and figurines that are crying out to be confiscated by Buckaroo).

Xmas at Home '1325

Trying out a little Jesse tree with ornaments that Bun could color–and not worrying about them getting mangled in the process.

Xmas at Home '1301

Making a couple new additions (back in November): yet another winter wreath and sewing a new advent calendar.  And yes to only using what I had on hand, not hemming it, and worrying about finding numbers to iron on.

Xmas at Home '1324

Xmas at Home '1319

(Confession: it is numberless because I’m a font snob and couldn’t easily find ones I liked.  No numbers seemed less fussy than a drawn-out search for good numbers).

Making sure beloved Christmas books are close at hand.

Xmas at Home '1331

Sending strategically simple Christmas cards and displaying those from loved ones here:

Xmas at Home '1305

Basically, yes to whatever feels simple, peaceful, and draws our hearts closer together and toward the heart of Christmas.

Xmas at Home '1329

How do you decorate for the holidays? And, head over to The Nesting Place for the 2013 Christmas Tour of Homes!






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  • So glad you linked up, Jenn! And you spoke my love language here- BURLAP! Merry Christmas, friend. Your house is lovely.

  • It looks so lovely and welcoming! And I spy a little Green Gables!! =) I’m super fond of your house and your purposeful yeses. XO

  • P.S. The plural of yes just looks weird and I’m not sure if it’s an actual word but you know what I mean. 😉

    • Yes on the yeses! 🙂 I have written it and deleted it so many times over the last couple of months! 🙂 xoxo

  • What a beautiful and warm home for Christmas! Love your decorations! That burlap wreath is so unique – I love it!

    Blessings, Joan

  • Brenda Venable

    Yes Yes……………….. your home looks so beautiful and welcoming…. Merry Christmas to you all, kitties too!