Simple Outdoor Activities for Summer

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hildren—at least my children—are like puppies. They need to move and run around. If they don’t get the opportunity, their energy is bound up inside and they get yappy and do undesirable things.

I’ve learned this through experience and yet I can forget–until my daughter is running laps with her shopping cart and my son is jumping off the couch. Then I’ll realize that they’re a bit too wound up for inside time and I shuffle them out the door to expend some of that wonderful energy.

Often, after they’ve had the chance to run free for a bit, I’ll note a lovely transformation: I have calmer, more peaceful children who are ready for quiet activities and (hopefully) naps.

With summertime fully upon us, opportunities to for little ones to explore outside abound–especially if I’m intentional.

On that note, here are some simple ideas to make sure the wee ones have ample chances to get needed exercise and soak up all summer has to offer.

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