Building a Habit of Encouragement

Simple, Intentional Encouragement | Day2Day Joys

ne of my goals for 2014 is to speak the words of encouragement I think but often neglect to say: what I love about a friend, what I appreciate about my husband and kids, a note of thanks for kindness rendered or a note of sympathy for a friend going through a hard season.

I know words are powerful. The Bible even says they even have the power of life and death.

I’ve experienced that power, for better and worse. And I’ve seen relationships transformed by words of forgiveness instead of bitterness, words of mercy instead of judgement.

I think I just forget the impact words can have for good. And so I put off writing that note, sharing those words.

But, I’ve resolved: not this year.

This year, I want to restore words of encouragement to their rightful place of priority in my life. I know it will take extra effort and some helpful systems–and that I’ll never say or do it all perfectly.

But I figure any steps in the right direction are good.

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