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Happy Friday! This lovely morning I’m joining Lisa-Jo and the Five Minute Friday bunch again. Today, everyone’s writing on the topic of trees. Will you join me and read, write, or both for five (ish) minutes? Here’s how it works:

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Five Minute Friday

rees.  I could go on and on about how much I love them, how living on a street with lots of old ones is awesome (though not my current lot), and how the meaning of my son’s name + our lone red maple helped me find contentment in our new home.

But, I realize I’ve already done that.

And I honestly don’t have anything of value to add.

Wow.  I don’t think I’ve ever done a Five Minute Friday in five minutes.  True confession.

And so I give my fastest FMF ever (thank you, re-post).  I’m off to read the other lovely FMF-ers on the wonder of one of nature’s best features.

On Baby-Naming, Trees, and Choosing to See the Good

Hubs and I aren’t the sort of baby-namers that place much emphasis on the meaning of our children’s names. While it would be lovely if our kid was “Beautiful One, Destined for Greatness,” profundity hasn’t been a high priority for us.

Just getting our very opinionated selves on the same page is trouble enough.

Our son is called Rowan.

(If you’ve been hanging out here much, you’ll know him as the Buckaroo).


The name Rowan was inspired by trips to Ireland, agreed upon after much debate, and denotes “a type of tree with red berries.”

Which is not a terrible meaning, but certainly not “destined for greatness.” Innocuous, a bit earthy, but nothing profound.

Or so I thought.

We moved from Texas to Farm Town–where most trees have been displaced to make room for corn fields–when I was 8 months pregnant with our son.

A street with mature trees had been at the top of my new home wish list, but with only five days to house-hunt in an unfamiliar place, I had to adjust my expectations. The neighborhood we chose was plopped in the middle of a cornfield and each lawn possessed only a token sapling.


We moved in the dead of winter and our lone red maple looked frail and vulnerable to the violent prairie winds. While unpacking, I gazed on our barren front yard and thought again of our lovely street in Texas with the massive live oaks.

Then I looked down at my swollen belly.

And I realized that while our new home was bereft of the trees I loved so much, it would soon be home to a new tree—our little Rowan.

Maybe I’m just a sucker for symbolism, but in that moment, a seed of contentment sprouted. Even though my home was different than I’d hoped it would be and we moved in amidst crazy circumstances (Rowan arrived less than 3 weeks later) it was good.


It was good because it was filled with the people dearest to me and because it was the home God gave us–and He gives good gifts.

Sure, my version of good and His don’t always line up, but in such cases, I figure the quicker I concede, the better.

For my own contentment and joy more than anything.

As a reminder of these truths, I filled Row’s room with trees. I like the picture of him growing up to become a mighty oak, strong and brave in the midst of harsh elements, planting his roots deep.



The bottom line?

My home may not be everything I’d want or located where I’d prefer, but it can still be good.

And the sooner I recognize the goodness, the better.

What’s good about your home?  Or trees? 🙂

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  • I have struggled with where we live, thinking that I have to raise our son here. I grew up in the middle of no where with tons of space and woods. And now my husband and I live in the city with a shared tiny back yard. This is a good reminder to me that it is still my choice how to make our house a home and what kind of home that it will be. Reminds me of Proverbs 14:1. Thanks for this!

    visiting from Five minute friday 🙂

    • Katrina, thanks so much for stopping by! I hear you about the space and woods–that’s how I grew up too :).

  • Ana @ Lessons From Yesterday

    Wow, your repost is really beautiful! I like the name Rowan–and he’s such a cutie! We picked interesting sounding names with no profound meanings for our boys too! 🙂

  • Susan Heiser

    I moved from California, where trees are the exception, to MIssouri, where people are the exception. I’m loving the forests and changing seasons here, so I get it. But wherever we go, there we are, and … aha! God’s there, too!

    • “where people are the exception” 🙂

      And thankfully, what you say about wherever we go is so true.

  • Amy Grable

    HI I am visiting from Five Minute Friday! I love the pictures you have in your boy’s room. Contentment is a hard thing for me too. I always dream of living where there are more wide open spaces for my 4 kiddos to run free. Thanks for your writing.

  • Ashley

    Love this and love the pictures in your son’s room!

  • Marcy Hanson

    Awe, love this. And I love that name! A friend of mine’s child is named Rowan, and I’ve always thought it a beautiful, strong name. Thanks for sharing!

    • Marcy, thanks for your kind words. Yeah, I’m starting to hear of more Rowans, too :).