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Five Minute Friday

love flying. And planes. And airports.  It may go without saying that I love to travel as well.

One of the unexpected blessings of Farm Town is living by an (very small) airport.

My kids and I watch planes together multiple times a day–big ones, small single-propeller ones, noisy ones that look old and military-ish (hey, I didn’t claim any expertise).

Shortly after our move here from Texas, driving by the airport always made my heart sink a little.

It reminded me that I was just a direct flight away from dear friends and familiarity.   I’d watch planes take off with twinges of envy and picture myself escaping from the frigid mid-western winters.

As time has gone by, it’s become less difficult to drive past the airport.  Which has sort of become a marker of how settled I feel here.

Now, I can look at planes with eager anticipation of my next flight and little adventure but without the ache in my heart.

Flying enables me to explore the wide world, which I love.  But it also brings me home, which for now is right here.  And I’m growing to appreciate that as well.

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  • Susan (ThisHappyMom)

    Visiting from 5MF. I grew up living in the shadow of a HUGE airport (IAH). I remember as a teen driving past and dreaming about all the places the planes were flying. I also remember longing to just jump on one of them so that it could take me away from everything I knew! As I drive past that same airport now, I think of all the people that arriving… coming home and being reunited with those they love. Your post brought back old memories for me – thanks.

    • Susan, if that’s Houston’s Intercontinental Airport then we grew up near each other :)! I’m originally from The Woodlands.

  • Kara

    I love the idea you present here of taking flight to new places and exploring, but the true heart always enjoys the flight back home. Love this.

  • brenda venable

    You come from a long line of women that love to travel…… me, Alice, & Gurli to start w/….. it’s in our DNA or something like that. We love adventure, the thrill of getting there, being there and then returning to our comfortable homes. I get it!

  • KimberlyCoyle

    I love the airport too! So many people and stories and worlds just a flight away:) I’m still learning to appreciate the worlds I have standing right in front of me.

    • Yes! There’s just an excitement about them that I love. But I do also hear you on appreciating what’s around me…it can be a slow process.

  • I’m not of a flyer, but I love to be in the airport, just watching the people as they pass me by, wondering where it is they are flying off too!

    Hope you don’t mind if I ask, is that plugin on your sidebar for your “favorite posts”? I love how it is displayed.


    • Barbie, yes, I love people-watching in airports too!

      And yes, it’s a plugin called “Special Recent Posts PRO Edition.”

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  • Somer

    I don’t blame you for wanting to escape cold winters and missing Texas! i’m glad your roots are growing deeper in your new home! Hope you can go home for the holidays upcoming!

  • caroline

    Visting from FMF.
    Love. Thank you for sharing so beautifully, how God has taken something you love, something of joy in the way He made you…the enemy tried to turn it to sorrow and envy and pain…but God has redeemed it again. Thank you for this encouragement, as we all have our own “airports” that are tough to drive by. Love, love.

    • Caroline, I love the way you saw this. I hadn’t thought of it quite like that, but it’s true. Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts!