On {Enjoying} Traveling with Kids

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ummertime is upon us and if your family is anything like mine, with the warm lazy days come day treks, weekend trips, and the possible week-long vacation. These trips are lovely, but I’ve learned a special blend of preparation and flexibility is required when traveling with children.

Since my oldest was born, we have logged 16 flights, countless overnight visits, a two-day cross country move, and a couple 18 hour car rides–one of which did in a single day.

My husband used to scare me senseless by suggesting yet another overnight family excursion which, in my mind, equated with grumpy, over-tired babies and no one (especially mommy) sleeping well.

However, in retrospect, I was just focusing on worst-case scenarios because our kids are actually fantastic little travelers.  Over time, I began to realize that Hubs’s assurance that “everything will work out just fine” was actually pretty accurate.

It doesn’t mean that all will be perfect—indeed we’ve had nights of screaming babies even recently—but it does mean that with a good attitude, the trip can be enjoyed despite some bumps along the way.

Besides stocking your bags with snacks and saying hourly (minute-ly?) prayers for extra patience and grace, I’ve found the following strategies helpful for planning, enjoying, and recovering from traveling with small children.

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  • Amber Lo

    I am laughing right now because Hubs assuring me “everything will work out fine” would probably result in weeping and gnashing of teeth! 😉 Travel does not go this smoothly in our family! Snacks and toys get thrown, no matter how special or new they are. We couldn’t even make the 90 minute drive to Vail without screaming & crying, let alone 18 hours!!! I will be traveling by plane for all trips in the near future, thank you! 😉

    • I hear you, Amber! It was not my favorite phrase for a while :). But, even if the circumstances weren’t awesome, I was generally glad we made the trip.
      However, my kids don’t sound as opposed to the car as sweet H :).