On Babies and Timing, Part I

Our little Buckaroo, Christmas Eve 2011
Our little Buckaroo, Christmas Eve 2011

As spring brings the birth of new life and many loved ones celebrate birthdays this month, my thoughts lately drift toward my own babies and the circumstances surrounding their births.

When it comes to pregnancies, I’ve never been the type to try to plan for a certain season/month, strategically “try” for a particular gender, or even for a specific distance between siblings–I may have had a preference, but we got what we got.

However, I have always been passionately averse to having a baby on or near Christmas.  For so many reasons: being hugely pregnant during the holidays, missing the celebration of Christmas because you’re in the hospital and/or too exhausted to function, the poor kid having to deal with his special day being overrun by yuletide festivities for the rest of his life…the list goes on.

So when talk of having #2 started, I looked at a calendar, did the math, and strategically avoided getting pregnant in March. Ain’t no way I was having a Christmas baby.

Instead, we got pregnant in April–quite unplanned by Hubs and I and still quite too close to Christmas for my comfort. I reassured myself that with a due date of January 14, I should be safe.

Just before finding out we were pregnant, the Hubs had brought home news from work that we would likely be moving out of state within the year.

Over the next few months, I would look down at my swelling belly and then up at the sky and say, “Really, God? You thought now was a good time for a baby?”

That's actually Bun in my belly, not Buckaroo. Who even has time to take preggo pics the second time? I wish I had.
That’s actually Bun in my belly, not Buckaroo. Who even has time to take preggo pics the second time? I wish I had.

We had dear friends in Dallas; friends who brought meals when I was too sick or tired to cook, who happily watched my baby so I could take ballroom dance classes with my husband, who rejoiced and suffered with us. I couldn’t imagine having #2 without a support system like this.

Yet early that December, we moved into a new home in a mid-western farm town where we knew nary a soul. My strategy to secure postpartum meals was to quickly find a legitimate church, join a small group, and let my ginormous belly and exhausted countenance speak of our family’s needy state.

I spent the next two weeks frantically moving and unpacking boxes, which is probably why on December 23rd, I found myself en route to the hospital, barking “just go though the freaking stop sign!” to my poor husband.

To be continued in Part II :)…

If you’re a mommy, did you have preferences for the timing of your babes?

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Jenn is a mommy of three and wife to her best friend. She enjoys good books, dinner guests, elevenses, and proper apostrophe use.

  • This is so cute! We have two girls in the month of March. 2 years and 4 days apart. So March is definitely off limits! God is so good even when we can’t see what’s happening. We are wanting to have another baby but outside circumstances seem to point to “not good timing”. So we are praying! Thank you for these thoughtful posts! I really enjoy your blog!

    • Happy belated birthday to your girls! I hear you about #3 :).

  • brenda venable

    We were just a couple for 10 years and thought that was the best, then you came along, and we knew otherwise. One minor glitch along the journey made us realize it might not be that easy to have a baby…….. but then you arrived 1 year later. I truly don’t think that timing is critical, it’s the outcome that is the reward. Oh both counts for sure!

    • Glad you changed your mind after 10 years 🙂

  • I have a December baby as well and I never wanted one. But now, I love it. It gives us the perfect excuse to throw another non-Christmas but very wintry and girly party after the big day.

    We have another in August and they are 19 months apart. We’re talking about another one, maybe sometime in the future. I know it will be an adjustment regardless of how much we plan. =)
    We didn’t plan either of our girls and they were stretching yet perfect. =)

    • “Stretching yet perfect” is a great summary of my pregnancies as well. 🙂 Ours are 20 months apart, much closer than i would have planned, but I love it now.

      Seeing how it all worked out the first two times gives me confidence that if there is a #3, it will work out then as well.

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