Meals for the Lazy Days of Summer

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We’re still deep in the heart of our Canada Extravaganza, which so far has been filled with beautiful sights, my son’s feral-cat-like screams from the backseat, and meals that have ranged from fabulous to randomly patched together. In honor of the latter, I give you the following:

Here in the Midwest, summer took its sweet time in coming. But we are now fully in the midst of it and I am loving the long days, slower pace, spontaneous day trips, and outdoor adventures.

However, all of this frolicking about means that our usual rhythms have been a bit thrown; dinner, which usually began at 5:30 sharp, now happens…whenever. Meal planning has lately amounted to me checking the pantry in the morning and mentally piecing some randomness together for that evening.

While I usually meal plan for the sake of my sanity and budget, summer seems to bring permission to take a more laid-back approach.

I’m also basking in the flexibility that a backyard garden affords (No dinner plan? Off to the garden to pick a salad!) and the freedom that comes from serving a platter of healthy snacks for dinner.

When summer ends, we’ll get back into more set routines. For now, it feels good to plan less, embrace spontaneity (even if it messes with the dinner hour), and enjoy summer’s bounty of fresh produce.

Here are some simple favorites from my home. Nothing revolutionary, just easy some ideas to make meal prep less daunting on those lazy summer days.

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