Man v. Journal

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t isn’t very often that you receive Christmas gifts that give all year long (or for multiple years in a row) but this month I’m sharing two which do exactly that. Just a little early inspiration for what to give (or receive) this year.

Sometimes I feel as if life is Man (or Woman) vs. Journal. In an ideal situation, I stop at nothing to conquer its pages with pretty drawings and words, but most of the time Journal wins.

Even with my best intentions, the pages go weeks and months without seeing the light of day. Even if I do take the time to write, I rarely sit down and look through old entries, though that’s always my favorite part.

My mother-in-law, in all her wisdom, bought me a ten year journal this Christmas.  There are several amazing perks to this style of journal:

1. It literally takes two minutes to write about your day. There are pages for overflow in case you need more, but trying to keep it within the space makes it feel manageable and easy.

2. The same day, ten years from now, I will be writing on the exact same page. So rather than having to sit down and read past entries all together, I can read little snippets from this exact day for all the years past.

Recently Updated

I keep it on my bedside table and jot down a few thoughts every night before bed. I am not yet a mom, but I imagine it would be perfect for remembering little things your kids said or did.

Right now, it’s full of places we’ve eaten, friends we’ve seen…all things people do before they have kids. We’re soaking it up.

This is not a paid endorsement, but you can find this particular journal at They even have sales on older versions if you don’t mind skipping the top entries on each page.

I only missed three days in January, and I almost can’t wait for next year just so I can remember what I was up to in 2013.

Have you ever kept a journal? Were you successful?

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  • Brenda V.

    Hi Jen P.
    Since I am not from the journal generation, I find that my yearly calendar on the side of the frig is an excellent location to jot down important notes/events/milestones that have happened during a particular day or week. I find it a quick and easy way to keep ahead of the game and on track w/ my life. Now I need to check out your etsy site.

    • Jen’s Etsy shop is pretty great. 🙂

  • I love journaling, though mine is more open-ended and not little snippets by the day. But I’ve been writing in a journal since I was 10 years old and like reading back to see how I’ve changed.

    • Wow, since you were 10! That’s incredible. I’ve been doing it a while, too, and I really enjoy being able to look back over the years.