Keeping it Real in a Pinterest World: The Telling People You’re Pregnant Edition

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Welcome to “Keeping it Real in a Pinterest World,” where Breanne from This Vintage Moment and I explore what it means to live purposefully in a world that bombards us with a million good things.

We’re just two moms on a journey toward being ok with not doing it all and fully embracing the season of life that we’re in–with all of its joys and limitations.

We’ll share about our crafting fails, what we’re currently saying “yes” and “no” to, and the beautiful reality of daily life. Won’t you grab a favorite drink and join us?

When it comes to talking about trying to get pregnant, I generally keep my cards pretty close. Probably out of self-preservation, because talking a lot about wanting to have a baby can feel pretty vulnerable.

What if it takes a while? What if it doesn’t happen at all?

Fertility issues are real and hard and I’ve experienced a (small) taste of waiting to conceive a baby.

So while close friends knew when we were trying to get pregnant with Bun–which I was glad for when I needed moral support for the better part of a year that it took–I wasn’t in a big hurry to tell the world when we started trying for baby #3.

Until I remembered my One Word for 2014: Bold.

And suddenly it felt so right to tell people we were hoping for, going to try for, another baby. Sure, it still felt risky to put my cards out there; after all, the what ifs never go away.

But I decided I’d rather have people know and hoping with us. And mourning with us, if it ever came to that.

So I told you here that I’d love to have another baby this year.

And you know what? Lord willing, it looks we’re going to have one.

I used to make fun of people who couldn't read pregnancy tests. This time, I needed to take three to get conclusive results. I retract my heckling.
I used to make fun of people who can’t read pregnancy tests. This time, I needed to take three to get conclusive results. I retract my heckling.

Baby Discher #3 is due December 31st. 

(The way I roll, I’m guessing it’ll be another Christmas baby, which is hilarious and ironic and a story for another day).

While cute ways to announce to your pregnancy to the world abound on Pinterest, FB, etc., so far we’ve chosen somewhat haphazard, forethought-free, apropos-for-the-third-kid ways to share our news.

How to Haphazardly Tell People You’re Pregnant

At 5 weeks: “Let’s wait a little while to tell our parents, ok? Maybe till after the first appt? Yeah, I know Jill already knows, but that’s just because I took the test in her bathroom.”

At 5.5 weeks: “You want to tell your mom now? Ok, I’ll call my parents. And our sisters? But we’re not telling friends yet? Ok.”

At 6 weeks: “You told Jason? So we are telling friends? Which ones? But we’re not telling the kids yet? Yeah, Bun’s still pretty broken up about the cat dying–we should probably wait until after the first ultrasound just to be safe.”

At 7 weeks: (On the way to church, between my dry heaves) “Babe, you look terrible. We’re going to have to start telling people, otherwise it’s going to get awkward.”

At church, when a friend says “Happy Mother’s Day,” I respond with: “I’m pregnant!”

Later: Hubs runs into friends at the grocery and tells them in the produce section.

Like I said, haphazard.

Later that day: “Ok, it feels weird to tell people we’re pregnant and not tell our kids. Let’s tell them.”

So we video ourselves telling the kids we’re having another baby and it’s wonderful and precious and hilarious and everything you’d expect from a four year old girl and a two year old boy….and then we realize the camera wasn’t on.

So we tell them again, camera on. The second time is pathetically anti-climactic. Fail. That video will not be making FB.

At 8 weeks: I randomly call or text people with the news between bouts of gagging. I’m sure I’m not telling everyone I’d want to, but I can’t even remember the names of my children right now, let alone who to call.

At 9 weeks:  Here we are.  I went to the doc this morning and despite Bun’s constant (and somewhat terrifying) reminders that I could be “having two babies!” the ultrasound showed one precious little life.

I guess I’ll head over to Facebook now to make it all official.

Do you announce pregnancies or other big life events in fun ways?

And, just for fun, here’s how we found out the gender of our other babies:

Yes, the cake lady was the first to know both times. :)
Party + cake + we found out along with everyone else. And yes, the cake lady was the first to know both times. 🙂


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Jenn is a mommy of three and wife to her best friend. She enjoys good books, dinner guests, elevenses, and proper apostrophe use.

  • Ana @ Lessons From Yesterday

    Congratulations!! So happy for you–and sending lots of warm wishes your way!

  • CONGRATS CONGRATS. I’ve loved your methods for telling people 🙂

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  • Jeremy Poland

    Jenn & Ryan. Hearing about your third child makes me very happy. I am so glad that my Jenn can call you a friend and that you were able to connect amidst the swirl of toddler parenting!

  • I laughed at your haphazard announcements- that was hilarious and so real life. I love it and I love that you’re pregnant. XO

  • Katelyn Leopold

    Congrats Jenn! We had to laugh when our son’s preschool teacher was the “first to know” we were expecting our third…just a few short hours after he
    PROMISED he was a very good secret keeper 😉

  • Congratulations! Thrilled for you!!!

    • Thanks so much, Lori! I have an even greater appreciation for the fact that you’ve done this x6 😉

  • Congrats!! What great news and I love how you shared it!

  • Congrats! I like your ways to share the news. I feel like baby announcements and the like have gotten a little over the top these days, so I think simple is best…or maybe I’m just a curmudgeon 😉

    • Girl, I don’t have the energy for anything but simple. The video was my best attempt and look how that panned out ;).

  • Life of an Expat Parent

    So pleased for you both! Big congratulations. And yes on the whole birth announcement thing. The pressure to make EVERYTHING a Martha Stewart worthy announcement is crazy. And plus, I’m terrible at keeping secrets. With Layla I sent an email to my friends that basically said “Oh, by the way, im pregnant.”

    Hope the heaving subsides soon. xoxo

    • Thanks, friend! And yes on the ballooning of announcements. It reminds me of this trend in my high school days where guys couldn’t just ask a girl to a dance–it had to be done in this really elaborate, creative way. Unfortunately it usually involving candles or stuffed bears. I wouldn’t say it was my favorite trend ever. 😉

  • Julia Stockwell Reynolds

    Yeah! Congratulations, Jenn! I laughed out loud reading the progression of telling/not telling, and the video fail! Seems like my most precious memories are ones that were not captured by video or camera anyway! 🙂

  • Congratulations! It’s wonderful news, no matter how it’s shared 🙂

  • Congratulations! I have two December babies myself — a 20th and a 17th. Eep. My third baby was September. And ya know what? Part of me was terrified about having a 3rd, but it has gone really well and I’m sure it will be great with your family, too!

    Oh and I announced #3 on April Fool’s Day on Facebook. Hah!

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