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air warning: this post has absolutely nothing to do with “homemaking with intention, beauty, and mirth.” But then, neither did this or this, I suppose. Ah, the beauty of a “musings” category.

This post is for those of you who currently blog or are considering adding your prose to the world wide web.

I’d like to share a fantastic resource with you.

Kat Lee has recently launched How They Blog, a site dedicated to going behind the scenes with your favorite bloggers.  I’ve enjoyed Kat’s other blog for some time and respect her deeply intentional approach to motherhood and life in general.  Here is a woman who doesn’t just have nice ideas; she actually puts them into action.

From How They Blog: “Have you ever wondered how your favorite blogger…blogs? What does their workspace look like? What tools do they use? When do they get their work done? How do they manage family and blogging?”

Um, yes to all of the above.

While I’ve scribbled ramblings on pages, napkins, and cards for the literate portion of my life, I’ve only recently ventured into the wide world of blogging. I’m loving it, but frankly, I’ve got a lot to learn.

Thankfully, there’s people like Kat who are willing to share what they’ve learned–and relate the wisdom of others. She’s interviewing top bloggers, introducing new ones, and sharing other great resources on the How They Blog facebook page.

As someone who wants to blog, but not at the expense of my commitment to Hubs and the babies, I especially appreciate hearing from bloggers with similar priorities.

“For those who are moms: Remember that it’s more important to be a great mom than a great blogger. And if you’re not a mom, just insert “wife” “friend” “daughter” in there. Blogging is fun and it can be exciting, but it isn’t meant to fill our lives, it is meant to be the result of an already full life.”

Good word, Kat.

And for those of you who’ve read this far and have absolutely zero desire to blog, I would say that there’s still wisdom to be gleaned from her quote above:

“Remember that it’s more important to be a great mom/wife/friend/daughter than a great _____.”

Just fill in the blank with your hobby/personal pursuit of choice.

Relationships trump most things in life.

Do you blog? Leave a note if you’ve not left one before!

About Jenn

Jenn is a mommy of three and wife to her best friend. She enjoys good books, dinner guests, elevenses, and proper apostrophe use.

  • I am loving this new blog, it brings community and realness. And I love Kat’s clear way of writing and guiding the conversations. =)

    • Breanne, I so agree. It’s been helpful and refreshing.

  • Good Morning! I am stopping over from the website “How They Blog” via your comment. Love your website and your header is beautiful. Keep on blogging!

    • Thanks for your kind words, Nellie!

  • brenda venable

    I’ll have to leave the blogging to the experts, like you!
    It sure has been a great way for you to express yourself to the very fullest in all catagories. I hear nothing but great things from all my ‘likes’. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks, Mom 🙂

  • I am slowly coming into the blogging world and have appreciated Kat’s new site as well. Blogging serves as a creative outlet and way to minister to others for me, but my family will remain the first priority. I love that Kat and her contributors share that.

    • Lindsay, me too! I was hesitant to enter this world for so long for fear of neglecting my fam. 🙂 But, so far, it’s been going pretty well, as long I’m super intentional about when I work/write.