In Pursuit of a Simple, Peaceful Holiday Season {Keeping it Real in a Pinterest World}


Welcome to latest installment of “Keeping it Real in a Pinterest World,” where Breanne from This Vintage Moment and I explore what it means to live purposefully in a world that bombards us with a million good things.

We’re just two moms on a journey toward being ok with not being able to do it all and fully embracing the season of life that we’re in–with all of its joys and limitations.

Periodically, we’ll share about our crafting fails, what we’re currently saying “yes” and “no” to, and the beautiful reality of daily life. Will you grab a warm cup of something and join us?

ach year, I hope for a holiday season that isn’t overshadowed by stress or focused on the accumulation of stuff.  I want things to be simple, meaningful, and focused on the heart of the holidays I’m celebrating.

I generally attempt to reach these ends by planning ahead (so I don’t have to be super task-oriented in December) and by thoughtfully creating traditions for our little family.

And yet it often seems that the very things that are supposed to simplify life or remind me of the hope and joy of Christmas can easily become sources of stress.

Like: agonizing over advent devotional options (because my family’s spiritual well-being clearly depends on me picking the right one), throwing out last year’s perfectly fine Christmas countdown (and deciding I can craft a better one out of scrap fabric and bamboo shoots), and spending way too much time on Amazon wish lists (because I might need to add yet another great book to my kids’ list).

Something tells me simplicity and meaning shouldn’t take so much energy.

A Peaceful, Simple Holiday Season | A Simple Haven

So in pursuit of a simple, peaceful holiday season, I’m going to remind myself of the following:

*It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

Totally unoriginal (credit goes to The Nester for that glorious piece of wisdom), but completely liberating. Especially in a season full of high expectations.  And in a house with small children.

*Christmas traditions will not define my kids’ lives.

We will have our traditions and they will be special and fun.  But it’s probably what goes on in the other 48 weeks of the year that will make the deepest impressions on my little ones’ hearts. Which takes a little pressure off of the next few.

*I cannot do it all.

This time of year, I tend to forget that very simple truth–mostly because the many projects, events, and traditions seem so lovely. But when things stop feeling peaceful and joyful, for me, it probably means I’m trying to do too much.

*My kids cannot do it all.

At least, they can’t do all the fun stuff, travel, and sweets without some unpleasant side effects.  So I shouldn’t be surprised by a little extra crazy over the upcoming weeks.  And a little extra grace for everyone is probably in order.

Further resources and encouragements for keeping it simple:

To the Mama of Littles During the Holidays :: Vita Familiae

Advent: Why it Matters (and how to do it sanely) :: The Art of Simple

The Inspired to Action Podcast :: Kat Lee  In one of the many episodes I recently listened to, Kat advocates taking the pressure off of Christmas traditions.  And in general, her motto is “do as little as possible, as well as possible.”  That seems perfectly apropos for this season.

So, here’s to a simple, peaceful holiday season with those you love.

Do you get overwhelmed by all of the good things that this season brings?


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