I am Good at Giving Birth


e are all given various gifts and talents. Turns out one of mine is giving birth with great speed.

I had my first baby in 4 hours. That includes pre-labor, however you want to define pre-labor. I woke up at 5:30am with mild contractions and had my sweet daughter at 9:42am. 20 months later, her brother was born after 2 hours of labor.

It’s a good thing that my goal was to have a natural/unmedicated birth, because in both instances, I showed up at the hospital too late for an epidural anyway…

**If you’re up for a little L & D reading, join me over at Still:Living for the rest :)**

P.S. Lest I you think I’m patting myself on the back for popping out babies with great speed, I say “I am good at giving birth” with tongue decidedly in cheek. Though I do sometimes hear a bit of pride in my husband’s voice as he describes my deliveries.  Oh, Hubs.

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  • Breanne Mosher

    My husband also described our first daughter’s birth as rockstar-ish. =) All natural, and good overall experience. But it was in a hospital and I had no idea what my requests or standards could be. My second daughter was born at home with a midwife who become a mentor to me in all things health and made me want to have many more children just to have her in my life. =) Since becoming a mom, I love hearing others’ experiences. Totally switch for me. Pre-kids, I would leave the conversation and the room. =P

    • http://www.asimplehaven.com/ Jenn at a Simple Haven

      Yes, these husbands! Mine spoke of it like I won some kind of race :). If we have #3, I may be picking your brain about home-birth. If only b/c I don’t know if I could get to the hospital in time!

  • Tiare

    “I’m good at giving birth” – now that would make a great shirt! As a doula, I know several moms who would love to similarly claim the same. You and your family have every right to be proud.