Happy Birthday Buckaroo

Happy Birthday Buckaroo | A Simple Haven

ou’re two today, little man.  You bring us such joy, delight us with your laugh, and endear us with your ferocity, snuggles, and love of animals, balls, trains, etc.  And your name reminds me to choose to see the good.

When I was pregnant with you , I knew we would soon move across the country.

So I thought having another girl would be best–easier. And I thought delivering you before moving would be better.

Then, after moving in early December, I thought I needed you to wait until January.  So I could unpack.  And breathe.

I was wrong.

You were the perfect addition to our family and, at an hour before Christmas Eve, you came at the perfect time.

And all of our needs were perfectly provided for.

Happy birthday, Buckaroo.  We’re so glad you’re ours.

And, Merry Christmas, everyone!  Wishing you a peaceful, joy-filled holiday with those you love. See y’all in January! 🙂

“We are no longer alone; God is with us.  We are no longer homeless; a bit of the eternal home itself has moved unto us.”

-Dietrich Bonhoeffer


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