Embracing Your ‘Hood {Loving and Sharing the Home You Have}

Embracing Your 'Hood | A Simple Haven

To celebrate the release of my (free!) eBook, some pretty great people have shared about choosing to love your home, inviting people into the mess, and opening your home to long-term guests.

Now, I’m wrapping up the Loving and Sharing the Home You Have series with a look at one last aspect of loving your home: your neighborhood & community.

Later this week, we’ll hear from a dear friend of mine who feathers her nest in beautiful Nova Scotia and another who’s joyfully planting roots in this midst of poverty. For now, some thoughts on embracing your ‘hood from one who’s uprooted and replanted more than I ever would have chosen.

Unlike other aspects of your home, your surrounding ‘hood is on the “you can’t change it so you might as well embrace it” list.

Hopefully, you like where you live.

If not? Here are two simple steps toward getting there.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Like your street and ‘hood, you are stuck with your neighbors—for better or worse.

So you might as well get to know them.

At the very least, you’ll want to know them well enough to be able to ask to borrow an egg/pinch of chili powder/diaper, right? (All real-life examples).

At the most, you could start a life-changing relationship just by saying hello. So, reach out to them! Stop by with a treat to share and a friendly smile.

Depending on how folks roll in your neck of the woods, you might be swimming upstream against culture.  But who cares?

You are where you are for a purpose–but only for a season. Your neighbors could very well be a large part of that purpose.

Explore Your Surrounding Community

Get to know your local assets: reminiscent of spy lingo, but useful in homemaking.

Your home extends beyond the walls of your house (apartment, duplex, etc). It also includes your surrounding community. And if you’re going to fully embrace life wherever you are, it’s helpful to discover all your town has to offer.

So, ask around. Go explore local parks, shops, zoos, restaurants, farmer’s markets, and festivals. What fun spots might be within a day’s drive?

Find new favorite places to take the kids, your husband, a friend, or to get away for some much-needed alone time.

And if you’re simply not a fan of your current city, I submit that there’s zero chance of you enjoying it more if you simply sit at home and wish for someplace better.

If you explore a bit, you may just find unexpected beauty.  It’s generally there.

How do you feel about your ‘hood?

This post was adapted from my (free) eBook, The Homemaker’s Manifesto: Loving the Home You Have.

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Jenn is a mommy of three and wife to her best friend. She enjoys good books, dinner guests, elevenses, and proper apostrophe use.

  • Every place I’ve lived has had good qualities and bad. Some have more bad than others but all have had at least a few good things about them.
    I wasn’t very excited about our current town. But the longer I live here the more I find to like. And, yes getting to like it had more to do with me than anything else!

    • I’m so with you about my own current town. It was never a place I wanted to move–but, like you, the longer I’m here, the more it grows on me. For me, I think it’s often about relationships more than anything.

  • Our neighborhood (particularly our street) is unbelievably awesome. A great mix of young couples without kids, young families, families with school agers, and older folks. We get together for block parties at least two times a year, the ladies have a book club (with awesome taste in books) and we are constantly stopping and chatting with someone on our walks. We walk together to summer concerts in the nearby park and the other day my neighbor told us to walk right into her house (when she wasn’t there) to borrow a stamp. A bunch of us are all interested in being intentional in our neighborhoods, and it makes for a really fun environment. We love our house, but it’s on the corner of a busier street. We talk about moving someday but we honestly don’t know if we would just because we adore our neighborhood so much.