Easy, last-minute Valentine’s ideas that aren’t just for Valentine’s Day

ne of my goals for 2014 is to plan ahead for minor holiday celebrations.  You know, Father’s Day, Easter, birthdays. Basically everything outside of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I love creating special traditions for our family, but minor holidays often catch me off-guard. As in, I mail birthday cards on people’s birthdays or realize three days before Easter that it would be nice to share a meal with friends.

So far, I rocked New Year’s Eve: Hubs and I put the babies to bed early and then enjoyed a steak dinner (my first home-cooked!) with roasted brussel sprouts and Shauna Niequists’s goat cheese biscuits followed by crème brûlée.

Valentine’s Day has been another story. 

Bun and I made some simple cards to give to her preschool class (class being a generous term as there are only five other kids) but the cards she and Buckaroo made for their grandmothers are still sitting on the kitchen table. As are the notes I plan to send to a few friends.

I’ve never been a huge celebrator of Valentine’s Day, but I do like to think of it as a chance to communicate love and encouragement to family and friends.

So while I’m a little behind on February 14th festivities, thankfully, I have the rest of the year to spread the love.

Easy, Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas That Work Year-Round

Simple handmade cards for kids’ friends

Bun made these for her friends this week. Supplies: scrapbook paper, glue stick, glitter, and small envelopes. Once I got over my glitter aversion, it was a pretty easy craft.

We wrote little notes to each friend, stuck them in the envelopes, and hand-delivered them.  Nothing says love like a trail of sparkles, right?

Simple Handmade Kids' Valentines | A Simple Haven

10 Things I Like About You

I have a mental list of things I appreciate about my friends, but I often neglect to communicate it. This Valentine’s Day (or, ahem, month of February), I plan to share what I love about a few friends in simple handmade cards.

I feel most loved when I’m truly known.  So I’m hoping that sharing specific things I appreciate about their personality, gifts, and friendship makes them feel known and loved.

Easy, Last-Minute Valentine's Ideas That Work All Year | A Simple Haven

Notes of Encouragement to My Kids

I love this idea that Brittany recently shared. Simple, heartfelt, and relevant beyond Valentine’s Day.

Which is good, because it’s not getting done by Feb 14th over at my house.

Small Gifts and Treats

This list from Anne is full of fantastic (but super low-key) gift ideas for husbands, kids, and anyone else. Relevant, of course, to Valentine’s Day, but certainly appreciated any other day of the year.

Special Desserts

Nothing says “holiday” like special desserts. At least ’round my house.

Some recommendations:

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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  • Brenda Venable

    Silly question, “do I celebrate VD?”……………… I try and celebrate every known holiday invented by the good folks at Hallmark. Although these days, I celebrate everyday with all the joy and purpose I can muster. Enjoy the sweets sweetheart!

  • Anne Bogel

    That Valentine up at the top is gorgeous! We keep it pretty low-key, but we’ll do gf pizza and a grain-free berry (or maybe cherry?) crisp tonight for the kids.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!