Days 27-29 :: Your (Imperfect) Home Can Be Magical to Someone Else

Green Gables1

ou may love your current home to bits.  Which would be great.  In my experience, choosing to love the home I have is a big piece of contentment with life in general.

But chances are, you may often focus on what you wish were different, what you’d like to change.  And these are likely the things that prevent you from inviting people over.

This month, we’ve talked about what hospitality isn’t and that other people probably won’t notice or care about the things you’re hung up on.  And when they leave your home, what they’ll remember is how they felt in your company.

But (if they’re anything like me) they’ll also remember the parts of your home and their experience there that were just magical.  Because your home–however imperfect–really can be magical to someone else.

Not Harry Potter magical.

Just special, unexpected bits of beauty and grace that remain fresh in our minds long after leaving.

For me, it’s things like:

Crashing on a friend’s couch after the first leg of a long journey and receiving a hot cup of tea and a copy of Annie Dillard’s The Writing Life.

Simple fall décor that adorns a friend’s living room, reminders of how much I adore this season.

Massive stacks of beautiful leather-bound tomes in a fellow book-lover’s home.

Staying up way too late with a new friend, sharing hearts over tea and baked apples with cream.

Your home is a gift to be shared.  Please don’t underestimate how much sharing it could bring joy to another person–in ways you may never know.

This is a post from a 31-day series on Real, Simple Hospitality.  Read all the other posts here.  Check out all the other 31 Day-ers here.

About Jenn

Jenn is a mommy of three and wife to her best friend. She enjoys good books, dinner guests, elevenses, and proper apostrophe use.

  • brenda venable

    You have discovered the essence of opening up your home to others, it’s the unexpected hospitality it brings to those that enter. Your sweet little home does bring joy and love to everyone. Now let’s have some of that baked apples w/ cream delight.

  • I love that line “Your home is a gift to be shared.” What a great truth to remember, especially when we feel discontent that our house isn’t a Better Homes and Garden house. Thanks for sharing that gem today!

    • Thanks Victoria! It’s what I have to remember to keep opening my home amidst the mess, etc :).

  • Anne Bogel

    When I see that picture all I can think is Green Gables.

    • It IS Green Gables! 🙂 I visited a friend in Nova Scotia earlier this month and we took a little trip to Anne-with-an-e’s-place. It was fantastic. Have you been??

      • Anne Bogel

        I’ve never seen it from that angle! And now, I’ve never seen it in person–but I’d love to one day!

        (It wasn’t Breanne in Nova Scotia, was it?)

        • Oh, it’s so beautiful. I bet you’d enjoy it.

          And yes, it was Breanne! She’s so great. We met via blogging, how fun is that? 🙂

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