Day 8 :: One Final Reason to Host


hospitality has the power to foster authentic relationships, communicate love to others in a tangible way, and loosen my grip on my stuff. But I also like what it does to my heart toward my home.

A while back, when I was in a season of hosting really frequently, I noticed something fantastic.  The more I had people over, the more I enjoyed my home and the better care I took of it.  As this happened, the more I loved it and wanted to invite people into it.

If I used words like synergy, I would say that for me, there’s a lovely little synergy between hospitality and loving my home.

Here’s how it plays out for me:

The Nudge to Spruce Up

While I stand by the fact that hospitality is not about impressing others with your home’s cuteness, I can appreciate the gentle pressure that having people over puts on me to tidy up, bring out some seasonal décor, and consider the atmosphere of my home.

I want to be doing those things anyway, but the reality is that no matter how many cleaning schedules I make or seasonal decor crafts I pin, my best motivator to spruce things up is having company.  My house was never cleaner or more festive than when we hosted folks in our home on a weekly basis.

A House Full of Life

For me, the best way to make a house (or apartment, etc.) feel more like a home is to invite friends into it.

I get to know people better and feel more known myself.  Even after people leave, my home just feels full of life.  I have lovely memories of what’s taken place amongst friends.

Love and Gratitude

All of this culminates in me loving my home more.  And in increased gratitude for what I’ve been given to share.

Which then makes me want to share it more.  Pretty cool little cycle.

Hospitality → Enjoying and Taking Care of My Home → Loving My Home → More Hospitality

Does this resonate with anyone else?

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