Day 6 :: Dulce Domum


oday, I turn from the interwebs to good old-fashioned paper pages to uncover more glimpses into real, soul-filling hospitality.

From the Wind in the Willows, as Mole and Rat return to Mole’s home on a cold, wintry night:

“‘O Ratty!’ he cried dismally. ‘Why ever did I do it? Why did I bring you to this poor cold little place, on a night like this, when you might have been at River bank by this time, toasting your toes before a blazing fire, with all your own nice things about you!’

The Rat paid no heed to his doleful self-reproaches.  He was running here and there, opening doors, inspecting rooms and cupboards, and lighting lamps and candles and sticking them up everywhere. ‘What a capital little house this is!’ he called out cheerily…

…Encouraged by his inspiriting companion, the Moles roused himself and dusted and polished with energy and heartiness, while the Rat, running to and fro with armfuls of fuel, soon had a cheerful blaze roaring up the chimney.”

And so our homes may not be grand or free of dust, but with a cheerful fire, a warm welcome, and whatever snacks can be foraged, they may become cozy havens to weary travelers, dear friends, and everyone in between.

Your home may not look like much to you, but to another it can be a place where the soul is filled.

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