Day 4 :: Ten Reasons to Have Company for Dinner

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ust in case I haven’t let you off the hook enough by defining real, simple hospitality or motivated you with why to do hospitality at all, let me further encourage to start inviting people into your home with the following:

Ten Reasons to Invite People Over for Dinner

1.)  You’re going to eat anyway.  Wouldn’t doing it with others be infinitely more fun?

2.)  Depending on who you ask, the adult-to-child ratio for the evening could be tipped favorably in your direction.

Or you could ask the family with five kids and experience the unfettered joy of a large group of children.

3.)  Speaking of that family of seven, you could probably pick up some awesome (and free) parenting insight just by watching them all eat a meal together.

4.)  Remember that family down the street who just moved in?  You could bless them more than you know by asking them over.  It’s hard being the new kid in town.

5.)  You could make that fantastic dessert without the worrying about being tempted to eat it all yourself—because there probably won’t be any left after everyone leaves.

6.)  You know all those hang-ups you have about your house?  (It’s too small, etc. etc.) Chances are, no one will notice or say anything about them and everyone will have a lovely time.

And then you may not be quite so hung-up anymore.

7.)  It can be as easy as ordering pizza.  Really.

8.)  Four words: Kids-free game night.

Everyone hires sitters/has older siblings watch littles and you play Settlers, Balderdash, your game of choice until way too late.  Sorry if that doesn’t excite you the way it does me. 🙂

9.)  Growing a friendship never happened so quickly as over a meal.  Or so I’ve found.

10.) Clean-up goes from undesirable to fun hangout time. 

 What’s your favorite part of having company for dinner?

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