Day 3 :: What Hospitality Isn’t


’ve defined what I call “real, simple hospitality” and told you why I think it’s so important.  Now let’s talk about what real, simple hospitality is NOT.

Real, Simple Hospitality Is NOT About…

You :: It’s about the other person—making them feel welcome and cared for.  They won’t be fixating on the imperfections of your home, so why should you?

At least, that’s what I tell myself when company comes amidst a laundry volcano on the living room floor.

(Necessarily) Hosting a four-course dinner :: Snacks or dessert and coffee will do just fine.  A glass of water will do just fine.

Having wonderfully behaved children :: Averagely-behaved children will do.  Keep it real.

Impressing others with your home’s cuteness :: It’s about creating a welcoming haven that blesses others.

Doing everything yourself :: It’s about serving others and accepting help.

Having a perfectly clean house :: Clean enough is clean enough.

Having a perfectly tidy house :: Tidy enough not to be a safety hazard will do.

Having a house at all :: You can host in an apartment, duplex, or your mom’s house. Perhaps these are even better options, because they make you realize you really didn’t need a house after all.

A large space :: Small spaces are cozy spaces.

Pets behaving perfectly :: I mean, it would help, but…don’t let pet issues stop you from inviting people in.  If nothing else, Fluffy or Rover can be temporarily contained.

Slaving away in the kitchen :: Ordering pizza is still feeding people.

Did I miss anything?  🙂

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