Day 21 :: Intentional Hospitality

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ven if you’re convinced that hospitality is great, important, and even powerful, it still may happen that weeks or months to go by without inviting folks into your home.  Some seasons of life are more full than others and you may not feel that there’s much margin–time, energy, or resource-wise–for hosting.

For such seasons, I lower the bar by reminding myself of what hospitality is not.  And remember that things like inviting a neighbor over for coffee and treats count as hospitality.

But I do also enjoy sharing a full meal.  So next, I talk with Hubs about what might be a realistic number of times to host folks for dinner in a month.

Maybe it’s once or twice–with flexibility for more if a fun idea happens to strike us.

Then, each month, I try to be intentional about who to invite over.  Is there a family we’ve been wanting to get to know better?  Do we know anyone who’s new in town?  Is there a college student I’ve recently met at church? 

(I pretty much love hanging out with college girls. They generally enjoy my children and I get to live vicariously through them and all of their big dreams and drama. Win-win).

We coordinate schedules and pencil in plans.  And then I get to anticipate the joy of hosting.

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I’ve found that in this very full season of life, if hospitality is going to happen, I have to be super purposeful about it.

On a related note, something that helps me stay organized in my hosting, meal planning, grocery shopping, and general keeping of my home is my household notebook.  I honestly don’t think I could function without it.

I’m sharing about why it’s so great over at Day2Day Joys today.  Join me?

Do you find that you have to be super intentional about hospitality or does it just sort of happen? 

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  • Anne Bogel

    Yes x 1000 to this. In fact, when Shauna Niequist (who seems like a good person to cite here, since her latest book was overflowing with hospitality illustrations) spoke at Influence, she talked about how at this stage in her life, real community ONLY happens when it is scheduled, on the calendar, with an actual date and time. Good intentions don’t count. The very same thing goes for hospitality, and the reasons for making the effort are identical.

    Love this series!

    • Totally, Anne. It doesn’t happen unless it’s on the calendar. It does take effort, but it’s so worth it.

      I’ve been meaning to pick up Bread and Wine for the longest time!

  • Loving this series! We have to be intentional for sure! In fact, I just sent an email out to some of our closest couple friends and we are going to start a dinner club! I am SO excited about it, but a little overwhelmed about when it’s our turn to host (we’re doing the first one).

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