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This is Day 2 in a 31 day series on Living Boldly. Check out the other posts here. Welcome!

If boldness is acting in hope despite the presence of fear, what does that mean for bold homemaking?

It depends on what your hopes and fears are.

My Hopes & Fears

Here’s what I’m hoping for in my home: A cozy spot for my family and friends to find a haven from the world. A place full of life and beauty and grace.

And my homemaking fears?

Over the years, they’ve popped up in thoughts like:

“This paint could look terrible on that wall.” (Fear = making a mistake)

“People will be here in ten minutes and this recipe may be a total bomb.” (Fear = people won’t think I’m a good cook, won’t enjoy dinner, etc.)

“Oops. I’m hosting dinner and my bathroom/floor/living room isn’t company-ready.” (Fear = people will think my house is a disaster, I’m not good at cleaning, etc.)

“I can’t post pictures of my house on the internet. It’s not nearly as cute as all the other houses I look at online.” (Fear = people will think my house is lame and wonder who I think I am to post pictures of it)

Notice a pattern here? “People will think…” Yeah. I’m a recovering people-pleaser, approval-seeker.

Also? I’m afraid of making mistakes. (Ahem, also a recovering perfectionist).

So many of my fears are me-centered: What will people think about me, my cooking, my decorating, etc.?

But notice what I’m hoping for in my home: a haven from the world for family and friends, a place full of beauty, life, and grace.

It’s not about me. Sure, I want to enjoy my home, but my worth doesn’t rest in my homemaking abilities.

It’s not about perfection. My hopes for my home are achievable without perfect decorating, food, or cleanliness.

Bold Homemaking, For Me

So for me, bold homemaking means taking steps to bring beauty, life, and grace into my home, despite the fear of failure or people’s opinions.

It looks like painting that wall a risky color, hosting Thanksgiving dinner in a tiny apartment, leaving some kid clutter on the floor when company comes, and trying a new recipe when hosting girls’ night.

All of the above have made me a little uncomfortable. But also? They’ve all turned out just fine. (Or I’ve repainted :)). Which gives me courage to try the next bold thing.

What are your homemaking hopes and fears? Come on, be honest :).






About Jenn

Jenn is a mommy of three and wife to her best friend. She enjoys good books, dinner guests, elevenses, and proper apostrophe use.

  • brenda v.

    Honestly, when you’re my age you have no more fears pretty much about anything. Or at least that’s me right now. Take it from me, your home is packed full of life (2 kids + cat), beauty is in every nook and you are surrounded by grace and a strong faith. Have no fears young lady. Carry on just as you are, make the most of every day w/ your family and get ready for #3.

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  • Anne @ I Need Some Inspiration

    I’m getting bolder, but I did, indeed, keep myself from inviting people over until I had real dining room chairs (versus folding chairs). Missed out on some company and good times, I’m sure. You’d be proud though: I have company coming Saturday night with painter’s tape on the trim in the living room!! 😉

  • emmillerwrites

    Cozy is a good goal. 🙂 I aim for cozy and inviting, too.

    I’m always surprised how little guests care about things like the peeling linoleum and oddly weathered doors that drive me crazy in my home. Once some friends remarked how much fun our parties were because they were so “interactive” — which really just means we get everybody helping us roll empanadas and what-not because we were way too ambitious and couldn’t get everything done before they arrived!

    • I mean, I’d just be grateful to be eating empanadas :). And yes, I’m with you–I don’t think people notice the things we fixate on when it’s our own place.

  • Gay B

    Both my hopes and fears revolve around cleaning. I hate it most of the time and it drives me crazy. I see all the things that need cleaning, but I just don’t do it. My hopes then would be that I would do it. (Do people really wash baseboards? I don’t.) My fears… That I never will get it done and I will continually think about a dirty house.
    None of this by the way stops my from inviting people over. I know my house isn’t really dirty and people I invite don’t particularly care if the baseboards are washed. (Or they have the grace not to mention it.)

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