Day 18 :: Easy Table Decor


hile I enjoy a festive tabletop as much (or more than) the next person, hosting is what generally pushes me to adorn my dining table rather than leave it bare. It’s never anything super fancy and almost always involves some combination of candles, mason jars, and flora.

Inspiration abounds on Pinterest I’m sure, but I rarely remember to consult the interwebs and seldom construct anything that takes more than five minutes.  In my season of life, I’m tossing decor on the table between messes, melt-downs, and chopping veggies.

In putting together a quick and easy centerpiece, I generally rely upon the following supplies & hacks:


Mason Jars: Filled with coffee beans, acorns, split peas, or pretty pebbles.  Water for floating candles optional.mason jar with rocks1

Candles: Float in mason jars, put on candle sticks or small dishes

Flora: In spring and summer, I grab whatever flowers are blooming in my yard.  In autumn, I hunt for some nice foliage or faux adornments that my mother has inevitably sent (thanks, Mom).

Winter’s options are more limited, but some small evergreen branches and or interesting arrangement of sticks can go a long way.

Vases: For containing flora/outdoor finds


Shop the House

Potential table decor abounds throughout the house.  For birthday parties, I like to grab framed pics or treasured items (think small and vintage-y) from my kids’ rooms.

My daughter has some pretty faux roses in her room that are great for baby showers and the like.  Bits of decor from other nooks can be temporarily relocated to the table as well.


Purple bird1

Think Seasonal

Taking cues from the season at hand takes away most of the guesswork; fall = pumpkins, gourds, foliage. Summer’s floral bounty abounds.  My son’s Christmas birthday lent itself to a winter-woodsy-whatever I could find outside in December theme. Clearly.


The lovely gourds below are via Emily of Jones Design Co.  You pretty much can’t go wrong with interesting-looking gourds in basket.  In my opinion.


Group Multiples

Several votives, a grouping of mason jars, bunches of flowers in shallow glass bowls–lots of small, similar items can be just as visually appealing as one large centerpiece.

What are your favorite ways to simply adorn the table?

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  • alexsudan

    hehe….this post makes me laugh because i actually went to the salvation army yesterday to find a basket for some gourds i bought at a pumpkin patch here. i couldn’t find the right basket…so the 10 small awkwardly shaped gourds are sitting on top of my washer, not doing anything but looking misplaced and random. these are my attempts at fall decor… 🙂

  • Victoria Osborn

    I love bringing nature in too. I’m always searching the yard for great fall and winter decor to place in baskets or jars. I also love to keep the small pumpkins that my kids get from the pumpkin patch and use them as a fall center piece all season long.

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