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ee what I did there?  It’s called holy moly I am ever sick–and behind on writing.  But lest you think you’re getting shortchanged a day in this series, I promise that a.) you’ll get an extra post at the end of the month and b.) today’s bit on hospitality really is worth ruminating on for two whole days.  Really.

Moving on.

Today’s word is one that took me a while to take to heart.  It’s applicable to much more than hospitality and easier said to others than practiced yourself–but in the end is incredibly freeing:

Just say yes.

Just say YES…

When people offer to bring a dish.

When people offer to help with dishes.

When people offer to hold your baby so you can eat.

When people offer any reasonable help that you’d like to accept but might hesitate to.


You’re letting them say thanks in a practical way.

That dish they’re bringing? It could be really awesome.

Doing dishes with a friend is fun.

It’s not about showing everyone that you’ve got it all together or don’t need help.  And let’s face it, neither are true anyway.

Give and Take

Hospitality, like any kind of service, is a give-and-take kind of deal.  Sometimes you’re on the giving end and sometimes you’re on the taking.  Some seasons of life feel more unbalanced than you might like–in either direction.

If you’re anything like me, you find it easier to offer help than to receive it.  I had to go through a season of significant physical limitation (i.e. rough first trimester of pregnancy and a crazy job) to become more comfortable with accepting help.

But the reality was, I needed help. Lots of it.

We Can’t Do It All

To not ask for help when you truly need it or to turn it down out of discomfort not only means you have more burdens to carry than necessary–it also deprives others of the joy that helping a friend can bring.

Accepting help is acknowledging that we can’t do it all and that we need each other.  And that we all have seasons when our needs are great.

Consistently declining help might feel more comfortable, but I have a feeling that it does more harm than good for our relationships in the long run.

So, say yes to that side dish. It might be small step toward letting others help us, but it’s one in the right direction.

Do you have a hard time accepting help–in hospitality situations or other areas of life?

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