Cozy Nooks for Kids


If the temperature dips even slightly below 60, you will likely find me on the couch with a soft blanket, mug of something hot, and a fire roaring–not so much to combat the chill as for the ambiance.

Hence, my daughter comes by her penchant for all things cozy honestly.

The Hubs and I admittedly use her preference to our advantage: “Ok, time for bed…don’t you want to get cozy?”

Needless to say, fort/tent/random-looking-shelter-making is always a big hit in our home. So when big girl turned 3, I decided to make her a more permanent structure in which to snuggle up with a favorite stuffed friend or to hide away when baby brother comes pillaging.

Left: The original tent; Right: Post-remodel, with front "door" requested by birthday girl

{Left: The original tent} {Right: Post-remodel, with front “door” requested by birthday girl}

Inspired by this tent, I found the original tutorial and went to work. Fortunately, even with a few tweaks* it was not a difficult project; the fabric-selecting probably took more time than anything.

The endeavor made me realize how much I like to create cozy spaces and play nooks for my wee ones throughout the house.

***To read the rest, please join me over at This Vintage Moment!  The lovely Breanne is graciously hosting me today.***

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