Country Drives: Simple and Soul-Filling

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hat to do when you’ve been sick off and on for a month, the babies are stir-crazy, and spring hasn’t quite sprung? Pack up the wee ones (if applicable) and some snacks and go on a country drive.

Or a city drive. But preferably a country drive.

Also helpful for clearing your head, having conversation of depth with a spouse or friend, or simply appreciating the seasonal landscape, a country drive is a simple way to fill your soul.

Why the country?

While the city sprawl and suburban neighborhoods are picturesque in their own rights, the country affords a change of pace, a peak into what nature is currently up to, and a visual feast of skies, forests, hills, or fields (depending on where you call home).

I find that just soaking in the scenery and allowing my mind to wander a bit helps my soul to slow down.

And since our new car has windows through which the children can actually view the world (SUVs evidently have a way of elevating passengers that Corollas lack), they can now view the horsies that Mommy has been remarking about for the last year.

See kids? Mommy wasn’t making them up.

Essentials for a Lovely Country Drive

1.) Some Countryside

Not a country-dweller? Drive to the outskirts of your city or suburb. Make a day trip out of it and account for a leisurely drive.

2.) The Aforementioned Snacks

For the children, for you. Snacks make everything better (am I wrong?). May I even suggest a stop to a most-beloved coffee shop on the way out of town?

3.) A Camera

Whether it’s on your phone or a fancy one, you’ll want to be able to capture those baby cows (also called calves), the daffodils in bloom, and that lone tree on the horizon.

4.) An Eye for Beauty

“Beauty and grace are performed whether or not we will or sense them. The least we can do is try to be there.”

-Annie Dillard.

Capture these gifts on camera or simply in a grateful heart.

5.) Conversation

  • With the kids: What do you see? Tell me about it. Isn’t it beautiful? Can you believe God made that? How amazing is He?
  • With a friend or spouse:  What’s on your mind/heart?

A dear friend from college used to ask me “How is your heart?”

It always caught me off-guard. I was suddenly required to assess the state of my soul.

How was my heart?

What was weighing me down, making me anxious?  What was I hopeful about?

Sometimes you don’t know unless someone else asks. So ask.

Though since marrying Hubs I’ve learned not to use phrases like “how is your heart” if I’m wanting a serious response.  “What’s up?” usually suffices.

6.) Odds and Ends

Other helpful items include: a blanket and basket for a impromptu picnic, a stroller/baby carrier for walks with wee ones, and knowledge of local outdoor assets (parks, nature reserves, playgrounds, etc.).

What simple things fill your soul? 

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Jenn is a mommy of three and wife to her best friend. She enjoys good books, dinner guests, elevenses, and proper apostrophe use.

  • This is probably one of our favourite things to do together. The girls are quiet and contained in their carseats, we have coffee and time to be together. It soothes me. And by the time we get home, all is right again.

    Such a good reminder for this Monday.

    • Yes, contained! And happy! It’s amazing, huh? 🙂 We don’t usually do them as a whole family, but I like that idea…