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*Today’s post comes to you courtesy of “the other Jen” here at A Simple Haven–Jen P. Jen hails from rural Oklahoma but now feathers her nest in Dallas, where she’s been known to show up to baby showers wearing outfits she made that morning. She is way more talented than she realizes. You can find her fabulous creations at The Urban Spindle.


hen you purchase a house, one of the things you quickly find is that you have a lot of walls. This would seem like common sense to most (unless we got totally ripped off), but the unfortunate part is that these walls come completely blank.

As much as we’d love to have the income to afford beautiful art, it all disappears quickly in swirls of down payments, inspections, and closing costs. This desire for art without disposable income creates some fun stories, as we’ve tried making “art” out of things like magazine clippings, recycled soup cans, and plywood.

Fortunately for me, my husband bought me a gift last Christmas that also kept me out of the recycling bin (at least for this wall.)

After using my 2012 calendar all year and loving each month as it rolled around, I decided to frame several of the prints to hang in our entryway. I was dying to do something fun in there, to make it more inviting for guests and to cheer up the space.


I found 12×12 frames at Hobby Lobby for $5 each and framed 9 of my prints from last year. I am so pleased with the outcome, and sometimes I go outside just to come in again and stare at my pretty wall.

Even if you don’t frame your calendar prints, they come with patterns on the back to make file folders, small boxes, and other useful things. In my mind, everyone should have one. Find them here.

Have you ever made your own artwork? How did it turn out?

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Jen is a homemade popcorn connoisseur and Gilmore Girls fanatic who loves making magic with her sewing machine. She wishes she could be buried in Anthropologie paraphernalia most every day and thinks Fall can't start until the first Pumpkin Spiced Latte is consumed.

  • Jennifer Poland

    This is cool, Jenn! I may use this idea next year as I love my 2013 calendar!!! How will I wait that long? ;) Thanks for the tip. Loves….

  • Jenn

    Seriously! Well, I guess you could buy a duplicate? :)

  • Daliene @ Alamo Adventures

    I use scrapbook paper in the same size frame for art! Love it and Love Jen!!!

    • Jenn

      Like that idea! I’ve done it, too. And, I love Jen too :).