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This is day, ahem, 24-27 in a 31 day series on Living Boldly. To read the other posts, go here. Welcome!

We’ve talked about bold homemaking, boldness in relationships, and boldness in daily life. But  parenting is honestly one of the hardest areas for me to be bold in.

Maybe because there’s just so much darn stuff to fear: loss of control (ahem. I never really had it in the first place). No sleep. Public tantrums. Fussing on road trips. Fussing on airplanes. Injuries. Loss of a child. Messing up my kids. The opinions of others.

Thankfully, there’s also much room for hope.

Hope that I will learn that grasping for control of schedules, attitudes, and outcomes is so fruitless.

Hope that God truly can bring good out of any situation (even my toddler screaming all night in a hotel room).

Hope that other people will gracious–but if not, that their opinions aren’t what matter most anyway.

Hope that the trip can be beautiful amidst the bumps.

Hope that as I do what seems best for my kids in each season of life–without worrying about what everyone else is doing–that they’ll thrive in the long run.

Hope that by God’s grace, I’ll do the best I can to raise my babies and trust that the same grace will cover all my shortcomings.

For me, bold parenting means keeping my eyes on these hope and off of the fears.

What does bold parenting look like for you? I’m curious :).

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  • Bold parenting to me looks like saying yes more then no. And breaking routines and schedules to build memories and loosen my control, which I don’t really have anyways. =)

  • emmillerwrites

    I think parenting is very bold. Did you see Career Builder’s list of the Top 10 scariest jobs? No. 10 is parent!

    • Ha :). Yes, choosing to be a parent (or just embracing it if it comes as a surprise) can totally feel bold.

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