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Boldness in Relationships | A Simple Haven

This is day 12 in a 31 day series on Living Boldly. To read the other posts, go here. Welcome!

So far, we’ve talked about what living boldly is all about (according to me), boldly loving your home, and bold hospitality. Now for boldness in relationships.

If living boldly is acting in hope despite fears, then boldness in relationships is pursuing what you want your relationships to be characterized by–even in the midst of all the fears that come with sharing your heart with others.

My hopes and fears about relationships may be different than yours.

But the principle is the same: choosing hope over fear–even when those fears have actually been realized in the past and will probably be realized again.

Believing that we need healthy, authentic relationships, even when they take more effort than we feel like making.

I’ll share some of what this has looked like in my life over the next week. Until then, I leave you with a few good links for this lovely fall Sunday.

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