Boldness at Home from Around the Web

This is Day 4 in a 31 day series on Living Boldly. Check out the other posts here. Welcome!

I’ve told you that for me, bold homemaking means taking steps to bring beauty, life, and grace into my home, despite the fear of failure or other people’s opinions.

For you, taking steps toward hopes for your home in spite of fears may look totally different.

That’s part of the fun of living boldly–seeing how boldness plays out in each of our lives and being encouraged by the results.

On that note, here are some examples of bold homemaking from around the web. Whether these ladies felt bold doing what they did, I don’t know. But it looked bold to me and that was inspiring.

Sometimes you just need to see someone else pull up their carpet and paint the sub-floors to feel ok about doing something bold in your own space. Right? 🙂

Boldness at Home from Around the Web


That Time I Pulled Up the Carpet and Painted the Floors White :: Jones Design Company


What Progress Really Looks Like :: The Nesting Place

The Welcome Mat | A Simple Haven

Rolling Out the Welcome Mat in the ‘Hood :: Lori Harris for A Simple Haven

(One of my favorite guest posts here at ASH!)


10 Steps to Courageous Hospitality :: Sandy Coughlin for The Art of Simple

**Bonus link: Check out my blogger friend Em Miller’s 31 Days series on Gentleness for the Rest of Us (gentleness being her One Word for 2014). It compliments a series on boldness well :).



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