What Bold Parenting Has Done For Me

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This is day 30 & 31 in a 31 day series on Living Boldly. To read the other posts, go here. Welcome!

If you speak Myers-Briggs, I am a “J.” And a pretty strong one at that.

If you don’t speak MBTI, I’ll just say that I’m a fan of routine and having things settled and decided. I might also say I’m a recovering control freak.

So for me, it’s bold parenting to periodically drop the schedules. To keep the kids up past bedtimes, skip naps, and take them places most people with toddlers avoid.

This year, I’ve done more of this than usual. And I’ve learned that in moderation, it’s healthy for everyone. Some of my favorite family memories from 2014 are of activities done in lieu of naps.

An unexpected effect of this boldness generally turning out well is that I’m more open to small acts of boldness in the day-to-day:

spontaneous walks in the woods with my wild two year old and pregnant belly,

making gingerbread cookies just because we feel like it and eating them for lunch,

scheduling ballet class during nap-time so Bun can do it with two of her besties–and I have time to connect with their mommies.

Nothing monumental.

Just small choices made in hope of the good instead of fear of the bad.

Done often enough, it starts to turn into a habit of living boldly. Which actually does feel monumental.

What small choices feel bold to you?

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