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One of my hopes for my home is for it to be a restful haven. For me, that means relatively clutter-free.

Sure, with two little ones there will always be toy explosions, creative projects-in-process, and messes. I’ve mostly made peace with that and try to balance letting them make messes with training them in cleaning up.

Emphasis on “mostly” and “try”.

But one easy way to keep the clutter to a minimum is to simply purge what we don’t use.

Admittedly, I am a purger by nature. Married to a “saver.” Which means we get to have great conversations like this:

Me: I’m throwing this away.

Hubs: No! You can’t! That painting [that I did for a poster contest when I was 10] is special! We have to keep it. You may want it someday.”

Me: Seriously?

His bar for “special” is way lower than mine; this is both endearing and exasperating.

I digress.

This year, I set out to take my purging to new places: namely, my closet and kitchen.  Why these?

I’ve been intrigued by the idea of a capsule wardrobe for a while and continually noticed unused items cluttering up both of these places. Plus I figured Hubs wouldn’t be as sentimental about my old shoes and random kitchen gadgets.

Yet even for a purger like me, fear set in as I started to address my closet. Woah. I was putting loads of clothes in giveaway bags. It felt kind of extreme. Wasn’t I going to miss them?

And what about those souvenir mugs, random serving platters, and melon-ballers?

Ok, I didn’t lose as much sleep over those.

Yes, I had some trepidation about donating/selling/throwing away my carload of stuff.

But remembering a favorite quote helped me along the way:


While I can’t say that I follow that rule exactly, in the end my purging choices felt right.

My clothes choices were more limited, but as I probably wore 20% of my things 80% of the time, I didn’t miss anything.  And my kitchen drawers and cabinets have been thanking me for the breathing room.

Actually, I’m so happy with the results that I’ve developed a habit of periodically editing spaces throughout my house.  Now I’m able to more quickly evaluate whether I really do (or will) find something useful or beautiful. If the answer is no, out it goes.

If it’s a maybe, there’s always the adult version of what Tsh (pretty sure it was Tsh) calls “toy purgatory:” put said item in a bag and wait a few weeks. If I don’t miss it, I can chuck it.

Does the idea of purging stress you out or feel liberating?

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  • emmillerwrites

    It stresses me out! I am a serial saver. I mean, all kinds of weird little tickets stubs and worn-out shoes. Every once in a while I work up the courage to clear out a box-full here and there. Baby steps!

    • Well, to be fair, there are times when I’ve been thankful that my saver-husband has made me keep things :).

  • Ana @ Lessons From Yesterday

    Yikes, I get stressed too, I’m a saver (hangs head in shame). I really want our house to be uncluttered, but there’s some hot spots that really need some work. I’m always afraid I’ll get rid of something that I’ll miss later, like an antique of the future. (Maybe I watch too much Antiques Roadshow!) lol

    • No shame! 🙂 But if you do want to get rid of some stuff, the whole “put it away for a while and see if you miss it” strategy has helped me.

  • Sarah Kerner

    I’ve been seriously de-cluttering my wardrobe and using the capsule concept for a few months now, and I don’t miss anything! (I wrote about my summer wardrobe here: It does expose the holes in my wardrobe though — and right now we’re in a season of trying to pay off debt so I’m not really in a position to buy quality clothes to fill those holes. I’m just doing the best I can to use what I have.

    • Ooh, I’ll check out your post! I’m pregnant right now with a pretty slim collection of maternity things, so I’m kind of doing a less fun capsule wardrobe myself :).

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