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I chose my current home in a whirlwind five day house-hunting trip when I was hugely pregnant. A cross-country move, winter, and baby #2 were coming. I needed a house–quick.

Hubs and I had hoped for a home on a tree-lined street, maybe an older one with some character like the one we’d left in Dallas.

What we ended up with was a newly constructed house in the middle of cornfields, sans trees.

It was clean, nice, and didn’t require any fixer-uppering. Sure, the wall colors/fixtures weren’t exactly what I would have chosen, but they weren’t anything to fuss about.

For our season of life (new baby, new job, Hubs starting grad school), it was perfect.

Making Progress in Hope, Despite Fears

Two and a half years later, I’m still glad we chose the home we did. But that wall color that the builders painted everything? I’m getting a little tired of it.

One of my goals this year was to invest in making our master bedroom more of a pretty retreat and less of a dumping ground for laundry. Painting seemed like a good place to start.

Putting this project in “bold homemaking” terms, what I hoped for was a quiet, restful, pretty spot.

What I feared was making wrong paint choices. Especially because I was going to do…dum-da-dum…an accent wall. In teal. À la Emily of Jones Design Company.

If this isn’t shocking to you, know this: In my home, I do neutrals. I’ve never even flirted with teal.

I also don’t usually love accent walls. And full-on copying someone else’s color scheme? Well that just flies in the face of all my precious individuality. Not to mention that my husband wasn’t totally sold on waking up to a big, fat, teal wall every day.

All of this led me to feel like painting my room was the boldest thing I’d done since sign up for a 2.5 week road trip to Canada with my pregnant belly and small children.

But my mom was in town to help, so we picked up our brushes and voilà!

Boldly Painting a Wall | A Simple Haven

The room is by no means finished, but boldness has scored a major point: I don’t hate the teal (Sherwin Williams’ Deep Sea Dive) and the gray (Sherwin Williams’ Requisite Gray) feels soo much better than the beige.

I’m making some progress toward a room I enjoy.

(I’m also showing you pictures of my unfinished room–not easy for me given my house fears).

Thoughts on bold paint choices?

P.S. You might also want to check out my blogging-friend Emily’s series, 31 Days of Gentleness for the Rest of Us. It compliments a series on boldness well :).


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  • I love the teal and grey.I’m with you on accent walls but this looks good! Just enough color without feeling like your in a bubble.

    • Thanks Jenn! Yeah, I don’t think I could do it on all four walls, but it’s fun to have a pop of color :).

  • Ana @ Lessons From Yesterday

    I love the teal, it’s beautiful! I have a hallway ceiling I want to paint that color, maybe now I’ll get to working on it!

    • Thanks! Oh….ceilings. My nemesis. But it really is amazing how painting them can change the look of a space. Especially if they’re low ceilings, because they’re more in your line of vision.

  • Jenn, I love it!! Kudos to you for taking that on. And I hear you on making the master bedroom a retreat, rather then a dumping grounds. I have big plans for our new one here, probably no paint because of the landlord but curtains and cushions can give that pop of colour as well. =)

  • emmillerwrites

    We did gray walls and white bedding in our bedroom, too – also inching toward being finished after three years. I love the pop of color with the teal!

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