Boldly Loving Your Home


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I’ve decided that bold homemaking means taking steps toward hopes for your home, despite fears.

One of my primary hopes for my home is that it be a place I truly enjoy–a place where I find rest and beauty, even in the midst of imperfections.

In fact, I want to love my home. Boldly, in the face of fears. 

Fear that we might move (hey, it’s already happened 11 times).  That we won’t be here for too long (we’re at 2.5 years now and that’s a record). That loving it and investing in it will just make me more sad when moving day eventually comes.

The reality is all of these are possible, even likely. But I don’t want future possibilities to hinder enjoying the time I have here now.

I want to enjoy and share the home I have. I want to focus on the good and change or ignore the less-than-ideal.  I want to go hunting for beauty in my ‘hood with an expectant heart.

I’ve been attempting the whole blooming where you’re planted thing for a while now. And though the goodbyes never get any easier, I am more convinced with each move that boldly loving the home I have yields contentment and joy.

Homemakers manifesto cover2
Do you struggle with loving the home you have? If so, I’ve got a free resource for you–a short eBook called The Homemaker’s Manifesto. It’s a call to embrace the home you have (with all its imperfections), focus on the good, and invite people in.

Check it out here! 🙂




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  • emmillerwrites

    I totally get this! We’ve been in our apartment for three years now, which is the longest I’ve lived in one place in my adult life. We’ve really settled in and made it feel like home, and I regret not doing that in all my previous apartments. Now I actually like staying in!

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