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This is day 23 in a 31 day series on Living Boldly. To read the other posts, go here. Welcome!

I was always an inquisitive kid. I like to know how things work, why they are the way the are.

My memories are peppered with people both embracing this trait and being completely frustrated by it.

When I was an atheist investigating Christianity, friends and their parents (I was in high school at the time) were so kind and patient, answering my endless questions as best they could or directing me to other resources.

My 10th grade math teacher wasn’t as receptive to my “whys.” In retrospect, algebraic principles don’t necessarily lend themselves to lengthy explanation, but her impatient responses still stung.

I know what it is to feel like you asked a dumb question. To get a harsh response. Or no response at all.

That’s why it can feel bold to ask.

It can feel bold to ask for help in a yarn store when you know nothing about knitting.

It can feel bold to ask to meet up with a blogger you’ve only connected with online.

It can feel bold to ask someone for help when you’re drowning in your circumstances.

This year, it felt bold to ask someone I admire to read (and maybe, possibly endorse…?) my little eBook.

Her blog was the first I ever read consistently and her motto changed not only the way I thought about my home, but life in general. We had already exchanged a few emails and I knew she was warm and genuine.

But it was still scary to put myself and my work out there. Asking felt vulnerable and even a little presumptuous.

It could have ended in nothing.

And that would have been fine. We all get dozens of emails a day, things slip through the cracks, life is busy. Maybe what I said wouldn’t resonate with her. Also ok–not every message is for every person.

That’s what I would have told myself if I’d never heard back from her.

Except I did.

She was kind and gracious and happy to endorse what I wrote.

Something broke inside me that day. It was a short, simple email but it felt like God was encouraging me. It felt like He was reminding me that He noticed what I was doing. That He saw my hopes about writing–and maybe even that He gave them to me in the first place.

And that all came from boldly asking.

When was the last time you asked boldly? (At the yarn store or otherwise :)) What happened?

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  • emmillerwrites

    Yes! Obviously as a journalist, I am a question-asker. There’s a good reason math and I didn’t get along in school. 😉

    But the one thing I have trouble asking is for help. That’s something I definitely need to be bolder about.

    • Yes, asking for help. I’m still learning, but being in desperate spots has been the best thing to help me grow in this :).

  • Ana @ Lessons From Yesterday

    That’s really interesting you used to be an atheist–have you written about that before, and I’ve just missed it?

    • Hey Ana! Hmm…I might have mentioned it, but there hasn’t been a post all about it or anything. I didn’t grow up in church and got curious about big life questions in high school. Eventually that led to me knowing Jesus. 🙂